God of War: Ragnarok - How to Locate Every Artifact in Alfheim

God of War: Ragnarok - How to Locate Every Artifact in Alfheim

Kimjun Demo
November 17 2022 - 05:53am

The Alfheim Realm from God of War Ragnarök may be intimately acquainted with consistent gamers who had the opportunity to play God of War in 2018, but there are whole new Artifacts to discover there. In God of War Ragnarök, Kratos returns to the elf kingdom of Alfheim with his son Atreus. Kratos had previously been to Alfheim. This time, it might seem very different to gamers due to the fact that Kratos and Atreus are primarily studying a new section of it. Amazing level design can be found across The Nine Realms as a whole, and God of War Ragnarök is regarded as a successful video game. As a result, players could be tempted to pause and check out every element that each area has.

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Finding Artifacts is a terrific method to explore Alfheim because they are treasures that not only bring Kratos to places he might not otherwise go but also add to the world's already rich and extensive backstory. Players will learn where to find every Artifact in Alfheim by using this guide.

Take note:

You can find all the artifacts in this guide during your initial trips to Svartalfheim and Alfheim. As you might anticipate, you'll return to both of these places as the game progresses and be able to utilize new tools to explore previously inaccessible sections. You just can't obtain it yet if you finish reading one of the sections of this tutorial and still discover you're missing one or more artifacts. By the moment you arrive at the remaining artifacts in the game, we'll have updated this guide to provide more information on them.

Finding Artifacts In The Strond

After learning about Twilight Stones, which are purple columnar basalt that mirror Kratos' axe to hit targets out of reach, the player can find the initial of two artifacts that are available in The Strond. After overcoming the initial set of Stones, the players will need to take on some Dark Elves before they can convert the route and locate the relic in a lower place.

Continue on until you come up against some Light Elves for the very first time to find the second Strond artifact. After this stage, players will see a Nornir Chest not far away. Next to the Chest is the second artifact.

After slipping through the aforementioned rock crevice, quickly crouch down to your left.

When you land, the Nornir Chest will be immediately in front of you. If you desire the treasure within this brazier chest, you must locate the three neighboring identical Braziers.

1 Brazier

If you're facing the Nornir Chest, the very first brazier is straight behind you. It is concealed by a few boulders over a ledge. Turn around and start the fire.

2 Brazier

Once you reach the wall, continue moving ahead past the Nornir Chest. To locate the second brazier, look over the cliff's left side. Fire it.

3 Brazier

The third brazier requires a little bit more travel, but if you like, you may turn it on from below. Return to your previous position before descending for the Nornir Chest by climbing up. Advance while scaling the wall and then fisticuffs. Turn left and jump off the ledge as soon as you get to the area with the ring on the ground. You can now reach the lamp from your new location if you look up.

Asgard's Raven

Return to the route and continue on after the Nornir Chest. From the higher place where the earth has a circle, descend and move forward very slowly. An Odin's Ravens is perched on a dead tree next to a pillar as soon as you round the corner. To cut down the tree, move a little forward to it.

An Odin's Ravens is perched on a dead tree under a pillar as soon as you round the corner. To cut down the tree, move slightly closer to it.

Kvasir's poem - Artifact

In order to find the closed room containing the purple gems, keep moving forward. Utilize your Crimson Axe to unlock the door after following the instructions.

Walk forward and step off the cliff in front of you after finishing the puzzle. As soon as you touch down, turn left and smash the pots obstructing the tiny cave. Then, enter the cave and take a poem written by Kvasir.

Skadi's Edge Light Runic Attack - Legendary chest

The Legendary Chest is close to the Artifact when you enter the cave. To obtain Skadi's Edge, open it up.

Artifact: Freyr's Tributes

Move on until you approach the sizable obstruction in your way. Move to the right after lifting it. If you get to the Temple of Light's entrance, you've gone too far.

You can find the first item in the Tributes to Freyr assortment to the right of the block, close to the boulder with the shining cracks in there, and a Nornir Chest which can't yet open.

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Finding Artifacts in the Temple of Light

Players will come across Light Doors as they explore the Temple of Light; these obstacles can only be broken by skittering the Frost Axe off from Twilight Stones in order to dismantle a device above them. Players will need to ascend to a balcony above the room when they come across the second among these Light Doors in order to figure out the riddle. The first item from the Temple of Light is prominently displayed on this balcony, making it impossible to overlook.

It's not far from the initial Temple of Light item. After a significant battle with the Light Elves, Kratos must spin a mechanism on the earth to solve a problem in the following section. Players will enter a room with a tiny alcove just on the left side, where the next artifact is located, after resolving this problem.

Bifrost Bridge: Legend

Until you reach the enormous pillar of light protruding from the ocean, continue along the walkway through the Temple of Light. You'll see a huge spiral staircase off to your right. Climb it while remaining to the left.

As soon as you come to a stairway edge where you can jump off, do so. This will take you inside the temple to a lower level. Kill the adversaries and then make a rapid turn to your left, down a hallway. The 'Bifrost Bridge' lore scroll is currently positioned here.

Hades Wrath Light Runic Attack- Legendary chest

Obtain the Lore scroll by taking the route we mentioned earlier. Drop down the side and proceed down the left corridor with the scroll.

When you land, turn left once more and advance. Here, you'll discover a Legendary Chest. Open it to receive the runic light strike known as Hades Retribution.

One Odin's Raven

The route we outlined for the narrative scroll above must be followed. You should proceed through the passage with the lore scroll once you get to the lower region (not the bottom area with the chest) until you get to a gate.

The Odin's Raven you seek is behind this gate. To obtain it, you must utilize a purple crystal. You cannot, however, destroy the purple crystal that is concealed behind the raven.

Look to your left for a column covered in some purple crystal muck. Place Kratos where we've placed him and shoot toward the bottom left corner. The purple line ought to turn blue. When it does, hurl the ax toward the bird to strike it.

Artifact: Poem 1 by Kvasir

Go back to the winding staircase and go all the way to the top. Before the light gate, turn right and use your hook to ascend to the floor above.

On the balcony above, on your left, as you move up, is one of Kvasir's poems.

Finding Artifacts in the Barrens

The entire region of The Barrens is engulfed in a massive sandstorm when the player first arrives, making it challenging to move around. In order to find the artifacts in this location, it is in the player's best advantage to first fulfill the Task, 'Secret of the Sands,' as doing so puts an end to the sandstorm.

There are 3 artifacts in this part once the area has been cleared. The first is located in a small structure to the northwest, where players must battle some Dark Elves. The second relic is located in a higher area toward the back of the enormous skeleton to the northeast. The third Barrens item is finally discovered inside a little chamber.

Vulture's Gold, a lethal detonation tool, and Buried Treasure

Head to the rear right location of the map after riding into The Barrens. You're searching for a massive skeleton that almost resembles a Lyngbakr. Hard to miss, really.

Place your sledge at the beast's jaws and enter. If you acquire the treasure map inside the canyon, you'll find a bright gold spot hidden beneath the teeth. To uncover your first buried gem and the Deadly Detonation item, approach the location and interact with it.

Asgard's Raven

Locate the skeleton in the upper right side of the map that we discussed earlier.

One of the eyes is visible in the right lower eyelids on the top right of the cranium.

The Valley of Our Ignorance From Lore

Go to the skeleton that we described earlier throughout the top right location of the map.

Enter the beast's body through the skull. Kill the adversaries there. After following the spine downward, you will come to a climbable cliff. A legend panel can be found by looking to the right rather than climbing up. For the 'Desert of Our Ignorance' entry, read it.

Kvasir's Poem - An Artifact.

Go through the skeleton we described above on the bottom right side of the map.

Enter the beast through its throat and fight your way through. Follow the spine once the adversaries are dead until you get to a wall you can scale. Look up when you get to the top.

Finding Artifacts in the Forbidden Sands

The only way to obtain the artifacts in this region and the following one is to go back to Alfheim somewhere later in the game after the major plot task 'The Reckoning' has been completed. Once more, a massive sandstorm that greets you as you approach the Forbidden Sands region will be dispersed if you complete a Favor, this time the 'Song of the Sands.'

The weak wall may be found on the north side of the area if players obtain access to the Forbidden Sands. Pass some adversaries and a little opening you can slide through to continue through this wall. The first artifact will eventually be located by players. Then, from the frail wall, descend to what looks to be a dead-end alcove adjacent to a brown geological formation on the map. The second relic is located on top of a modest structure that will be in this location. The third and last Forbidden Sands artifact can be found in the huge structure to the northeast. To find it, approach the entrance and climb up before looking to the right before unlocking the doors.

Lore - Patience

Continue going through the cavern until you get to the sizable space with a densely populated wall of purple crystals. Attacked by a legion of dark elves, defeat them and then ascend the wall to your right.

When you get to the top, use your Crimson Axe to cut through the dark elf corruption in front of you before kicking the shield that was preventing you from using the grapple point down. To get to the shining chest, descend. When you get there, turn right and recite the runes on the wall to access the 'Patience' lore entry.

Chest of Nornir

Continue through the purple crystal-filled cave and grapple your way up to the surface to emerge in the open area.

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The one and only item to be found here should naturally be discovered as players approach the conclusion of the 'Song of the Sands' Favor that leads them down into this section. A new room leading towards the surface will become accessible after you have reached the enormous Hafgufa and destroyed the hives holding it down. The artifact can be found in this room by players.

And that covers every artifact in Alfheim. Good luck on your quest to find them.

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