God of War: Ragnarok - 10 Early Game Skills That Will Give You an Advantage

God of War: Ragnarok - 10 Early Game Skills That Will Give You an Advantage

Kimjun Demo
November 17 2022 - 06:49am

Since the initial release of God of War Ragnarök on November 9, 2022, players worldwide have set a quest to divulge which skill sets are best to gain and acquire early on. For instance, before choosing which talents to unlock, users must first decide which weapon to equip Kratos with: The Blades of Chaos rather than Leviathan Axe, each of which has special upgradeable combat abilities. The most useful skills and abilities to acquire early on will pay significant benefits in the long run, even though more sophisticated ones for the game's two major weapons can be acquired later on.

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You can again acquire a variety of skills for Kratos and Atreus in God of War Ragnarök. However, not all of them are equally useful; some excel in combat more than others. You can earn our top early-game Ragnarök skills at the beginning of the game, which we'll show you now. 

The main focus of this article will be on Kratos & his superpowers. Although Atreus also possesses several excellent abilities, these do not become available until later in the game. To make the entire narrative simple, leaving them is the essential thing to do right now.

Kratos starts the game with the same two armaments he held by the game's conclusion, the Leviathan Axe & Chaos Blades. The weapons also function the same outside of the new Weapon Main Attributes, which are activated by holding Triangle. Here are some of our favorites from the game's early hours for each weapon.

Extinguish Flames

To assist their Leviathan Axe physical assaults, which can be obtained at level 1 for just 250 XP, each GoW Ragnarok player must use the tactical Technique skill Extinguishing Flame. From the beginning of the game until the end, players will substantially profit from this talent, especially when fire Draugrs dart toward Kratos and Atreus. The talent instantly raises the amount of frostbite that foes who are burning can receive from the axe. In regards to being the most effective means to do drastically increased damage early in the game, Extinguish Flames will help players later on by disabling enemies' fire shields with several strikes when they arise.

While we're on the subject of elements, it makes perfect sense to pair Glacial Rake with Extinguish Flames as your next skill—or possibly even your first skill. You can deal additional damage to opponents who have the combustion status component, which can be applied by Blades of Chaos or through any other method, such as flaming pots scattered throughout the arenas.

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Vaporize Frost

In the well-known action-adventure video game, the Vaporize Frost skill, which costs 250 XP at level 1 and essentially functions the same as the Extinguish Flames skill but with the Blades of Chaos weapon, is also available. In order to combat Phantoms and Hel-Walkers, the Blades of Chaos weapon will deliver greater fire damage against Frost enemies after it is activated.

When the Vaporize Frost and Flames Extinguished skills are used together, a mutual synergy between two weapons is created that enables Kratos to switch between the Leviathan, Axe, and Blades of Chaos at any time and swiftly eliminate frozen enemies. This mutual synergy also significantly increases the amount of fire damage that Kratos can deal to frozen enemies.

Vengeful Sickle

The Leviathan Axe's Vengeful Sickle ranged skill, available at level 1 for 500 XP, is just as lethal as it sounds. Holding R1 causes Kratos to target and charge his axe while he throws it at his foes, spinning it around until it slashes them numerous times with one blow. Pointing and holding R2 are necessary for the Freezing Throw skill in Blades of Chaos.

The Vengeful Sickle talent is an excellent technique to deal damage to adversaries while remaining safe a distance away because it effectively transforms the Leviathan Axe together into vicious Tomahawk. Additionally, the ability has a propensity to stun opponents and keep them immobile long enough just to mount lethal follow-up assaults.

The improved versions of the Leviathan Axe's two ranged attacks are somewhat evenly matched here. You can boost the R1-throw with Vengeful Sickle to hit an opponent many times. The talent known as Freezing Throw II extends the standard R2-throw by adding a frozen explosion to the mix. Both are excellent abilities; it's up to you to decide which you value more or if you'll pursue them both.

Rushing Chaos

We enjoy charging into a fight and unleashing a powerful blow to kick things off. The best early-game maneuver of this kind is rushing chaos. After putting some distance between yourself and the enemy, you can also use it. Get it to provide more diversity to the blades' melee moveset; it's not too pricey and comes with 500 XP.

Rushing Chaos is an ability for the Blades of Chaos that can be learned specifically at level 1 and is one that players should acquire as quickly as possible. Kratos can use this ability to dash toward enemies and leap at them before launching a vicious multi-slashing blade attack that lets him continue to move while taking out enemies.

The Charging Chaos talent is as deadly, agile, and dependable as they come, offering Kratos a ton of freedom and options for self-defense while also being perfect for rushing through big swarms of opponents. Rushing Chaos makes up for the Evasions skills' shortcomings by fusing melee assault and sprinting in ways that encourage players to become familiar with the surroundings as soon as possible.

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Glacial Rake

Although the Glacial Rake is quicker and easier to unlock in the eagerly awaited 2022 game and works in the very same way, some players prefer utilizing Frost Ascension talent with the Leviathan Axe. Glacial Rake, a close combat line attack skill, is accessible at level 1 for 750 XP. It enables Kratos to penetrate the surface and drag the Axe thru the environment to inflict a significant area of effect (AoE) of frost damage.

Have this skill first if you are using Leviathan Axe frequently; otherwise, choose Hyperion Grapple. Kratos can use this power to launch an ice shockwave in the vague direction of his adversaries. Kratos launches this assault towards them after slamming his axe into the floor to start it. The finest aspect is that this attack can hit several foes at once. But you also harm them with frost.

Holding R1 allows Kratos to repeatedly deal high frost damage with the Glacial Rake as ice shards shoot up out of the ground and directly toward adversaries. When fighting numerous foes at once, this early talent is excellent because it prepares the axe's first damage.

Hyperio Grapple

At level 1, players can equip the Hyperion Grapple talent for the Blades of Chaos, which transforms the weapon into an effective tool for entangling enemies for 750 XP. Players can utilize the Hyperion Grapple to pull an opponent forward and stun them after striking a grounded foe so that they can mount subsequent strikes.

This ought to be your first skill if you favor this weapon rather than the Leviathan axe. Kratos can latch onto an adversary and throw himself at them with the Hyperion Grapple. This can be used to escape a difficult position in addition to doing a lot of stun damage. For instance, when a horde of opponents is outnumbering you.

Even more useful, the Hyperion Grapple can knock aerial foes to the earth, making them easier to capture and eliminate in confined spaces. With the highest stunning damage and the quickest cooldown, the heavy glyphs ranged attack talent is a vital must for level 1 players.

Chaotic Rampage

Kratos' Blades of Chaos are typically best equipped with melee skills, with Chaotic Rampage being the greatest in this regard. With the Chaotic Rampage skill, Kratos can barrage enemies with a barrage of blows that deal massive direct damage to a single target on contact instead of weaker some used collateral AoE damage. This skill is obtainable at level 1 for 750 XP. Chaotic Rampage excels in close-quarters one-on-one melee encounters like boss battles and miniboss duels, which come later in the game than some may anticipate, while other skills are better suited for taking on large groups of enemies at once or from a distance.

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Blazing Explosion

The widely anticipated video game spinoff from 2022 allows players to purchase Kratos' Sword of Chaos with the Blazing Blast power for 1,000 XP at level 1, creating it one of the most essential weapon talents for early playthroughs. Players can impale adversaries by sending an incendiary pulse down a chain by pressing R2 and using L2 as their aiming reticule. When the skill is used, users can launch two more blades toward the foe to deal double as much scorching power by holding R2.

Blazing Explosion is perhaps one of the most spectacular abilities for the Blades of Chaos, which typically take a backseat to the Leviathan Axe's excellent upgrades, despite being more expensive than certain skills. The ability gives Kratos the flexibility he'll need in the early stages of the game before obtaining Gold-tier upgrades by allowing him to take on lone opponents while simultaneously clearing massive enemy arenas.

Another incredible long-range strike. Use L2 + R2 to impale an opponent, then hold R2 to deliver an actual explosion down the track. What's not to love about a dazzling explosion that can kill a whole squad of adversaries and do massive 'Burn' damage?


The Permafrost ability for The Leviathan Axe, which really is essential to keeping the powerful weapon damage-free in combat, can be acquired for 500 XP at level 2. Once triggered, Permafrost enables Kratos to repeatedly strike opponents while building up frost damage, preventing the weapon from degrading and losing its integrity in the midst of combat.

Your Permafrost increases when you level up your Leviathan Axe. While Immolation is obtained by levelling up your Blades of Chaos. As long as the attacker doesn't touch you, these skills encourage you to deal more damage in succession. A weapon icon with a filled circle bar will appear when you attack them repeatedly. Once this is full, for a brief period of time, your weapon deals significantly more damage than usual.

Additionally, the Permafrost ability in the top video match to be played in November 2022 gives players extra Luck and Runic scores, which is a terrific way to get an advantage early on. Although melee skills sometimes take precedence over technique skills, Permafrost is a useful tool that will guarantee the Blades of Chaos operate at their peak performance at all times.

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Serpent's Snare

Serpent Snare, which enables Kratos to throw the massive, heavy axe at enemies with brute force while continuing to hold the R2 button, is another essential ability to employ from the beginning of the game also with Leviathan Axe. Targeting smaller, less powerful competitors will cause a blast of Frost damage with every successful strike.

The Serpent Snare skill is extremely useful because it can throw opponents and knock them off neighboring cliffs and handrails, ensuring immediate fatalities. This is in addition to the Leviathan Axe's ability to deal serious damage on effect from the blade itself when used either as a swipe or a throw. Serpent's Snare can be obtained for just 1,000 XP and is unlocked at level 2. Be wise and obtain it as soon as possible.

Which Is The Best Weapon?

There is no greater weapon; only depends on how you utilize them, both the Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos are effective. Therefore, you should level up the one you utilize the most. I advise you to read our guides on Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe if you want to find out when one is more effective than the other.

That concludes this guide to the greatest God of War Ragnarok skills, swords, and armor that you may get early and improve first. You should definitely visit our GoW Ragnarok Wiki if you find this tutorial to be useful and want to learn more about other similar subjects.

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