Who is MMA-athlete turned artist Gina Carano’s husband?

Who is MMA-athlete turned artist Gina Carano’s husband?

Naveed Sloan
February 07 2022 - 03:10pm

Gina Carano is known for being an actress, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist. In 2006 to 2009, she was an MMA sensation when she competed in EliteXC and Strikeforce. Here are a few interesting things about Gina Carano:

  • She was dubbed as the “face of women’s MMA” but she rejected the title.

  • She is known for her roles in Haywire (2011), Fast & Furious 6 (2013), and Deadpool (2016).

  • Carano is best known for her role in Mandalorian.

Her rise to stardom came with a number of questions on her personal life, her previous relationships, and even on her current boyfriend or husband! Before we get to that, let’s take a look at Carano’s humble beginnings.

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Introduction to Muay Thai and relationship with Kevin Ross

Before becoming an MMA fighter and actress, Carano was studying at the University of Nevada, Reno and University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a psychology major. She also dated professional Muay Thai fighter Kevin Ross or sometimes referred to as “The Soul Assassin”. Ross got her interested in Muay Thai as a sport, and later on as a career.

Carano credits her then-boyfriend for her success in MMA and considers him as a great pillar in her achievements. The couple started seeing each other in 2005 and dated for almost four years but later broke up in 2008.

Gina Carano and her ex-fiancé

Shortly after dating Kevin Ross, Gina Carano then dated world champion boxer Kristopher Lee Cope. The two got engaged in 2009 but unexpectedly broke it off later that year. The couple never gave the public an explanation about their decision but many speculate that it is because of Cope’s media statements. In some podcasts, Cope stated that Carano’s MMA sponsorships will never work out.

Saved by Superman?

After interesting relationships with fellow athletes, Gina Carano’s love life took a turn when she dated Superman actor Henry Cavill. The two met at Jessie J’s afterparty for her Live in London show. The two started dating in 2012 and we could have expected great things from the two rising stars. Unfortunately, it seems that the glitz and glamor of Hollywood has caught up to them and the pair first broke up in May of 2013.

A month after, Cavill revealed that he is already dating Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, but just 12 days later, it was revealed that the two already broke up. Now, where does this bring Carano and Cavill’s relationship?

In October 2013, Gina and Henry were spotted together in London and were officially back together. The pair also announced in January 2014 that they have adopted— not a child, but rather a dog. We could have safely assumed that everything was going well for the two artists but they unfortunately announced their second and final break up in December 2014.

Gina Carano vs Gabi Garcia | Muay Thai vs Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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Gina Carano’s “husband”

In 2015, Gina Carano reunited with Kevin Ross and made this announcement through the most obvious way ever— posting a photo of them kissing on Instagram— and the couple has been together ever since. So, this poses the question: is Kevin already Gina’s husband? If not, when will Gina and Kevin get married?

Unfortunately to our disappointment, Kevin is not yet Gina’s husband and the pair has not yet revealed any plans to the public whether they will get married soon or not. The couple also doesn’t have any children despite their long history of dating. We can just hope that the lovebirds fall in love deeper with each other and hope for great news soon.

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