Find Your Destiny According To Indian Astrology!


Indian astrology is shaped with thousands of years of wisdom of India. Contrary to the western astrology, it doesn't leave any space for possibilities or energy. It prophesizes your destiny in a fatalist way.

You won't believe what kind of clues this star cluster focused ancient knowledge will give you about your destiny.

Choose the rock that you feel most attracted to without giving too much thought to it.

Which part of your body is the most sensitive?

My head! My headaches are the worst.
My chest
My belly. Especially my stomach.
My legs.
My back.

Which one is the most glamorous?

Which energy is more dominant in your way of thinking: masculine or feminine?


Eyes show the soul. How do yours look?

They say I am warm.
They say I'm cold and distant.
They say I'm naive.
They say I'm tough!
They say I'm really emotional.

How much do you like sleep?

I like it. I fall asleep right away and sleep soundlessly.
I have problems falling asleep and I never get enough.
I sleep less compared to others and this is enough for me.
Sleeping is like a hobby for me.

Which month were you born in?


Rahu will provide you with career success and earnings!

You're blessed by Rahu!

Whatever happens, you have the ability to survive in every aspect of life. You're stubborn, a believer, an idealist and effective! Destiny always helps out those who are brave, don't forget that. When you take risks to achieve what you want, Rahu will always protect and support you.

But you should never focus on the power you have or the road to the achievement and stop caring about your emotional life. Even Rahu can't save you from what bad karma may bring!

Kuja will provide you with divine fire and power!

You're chosen by Kuja. You don't need luck because you will create it on your own.

You will have health for a lifetime and will be able to achieve every one of your goals with the support of the people who stand by you thanks to your natural leadership. Your biggest struggle will be to redress the balance. If you can continue between being strong and being patient, you'll have whatever you want. But we can't say it's easy to redress the balance!

Sukra will give you lifelong beauty and joy!

You won't need much luck, unbeatable power or stubbornness. Because according to Indian astrology, the planets have already blessed you!

Sukra's naive and sweet energy will protect you from troubles all your life. You're so sweet and good hearted that you will be both financially and spiritually happy throughout your life with the support of the people that love you and positive karma.

But there's is a risk of giving too much of yourself to make others happy. You should be careful about that!

Chandra will give you ancient wisdom!

Even though Chandra won't give you luck and ambition, you will still be happy in your path because Chandra will give you wisdom!

You'll be able to know when to stop and when to make a move without listening to anyone thanks to your instincts. Not falling in the traps that everyone else does will give you more time.

You'll be able to analyze people very well. You'll be a good judge of character!

But you should pay attention not to be pessimistic and get lost in the emotional world. You'll have a long life and because you'll spend this life in the real world instead of the spiritual world, so you should be more joyful!

Ravi will make you a role model to everyone!

You'll find inner peace! Joy and harmony will find balance in your body.

If you happen to get involved with art, Ravi will shine light on you! You will inspire not only yourself, but also the others to find peace and be joyful.

You're a real fair person. No matter which job you do, you'll be seen as an example leader! You're not sent to rule, you're sent to inspire people.

But you shouldn't let your ego control you because of the attention you get, or Ravi will lose all its light!

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