Explore Miniaturk: A Fascinating Miniature World in Istanbul

Explore Miniaturk: A Fascinating Miniature World in Istanbul

Berfin Ceren Meray
April 20 2023 - 01:45pm

Miniatürk is a world-renowned miniature park located in Istanbul, Turkey. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Turkey in a condensed form. The park showcases miniature models of historic landmarks and iconic structures from various civilizations that have left their mark on the Anatolian lands throughout history, ranging from Antiquity to Rome, Byzantium, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods. These miniature models have been expertly crafted to a scale of 1/25, and two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are among the many impressive models on display. By visiting Miniatürk, you can experience a fascinating journey through the history of Turkey in a relatively short time. In this article, we will provide you with more detailed information about Miniatürk, helping you to plan your visit and make the most of your time at this magnificent attraction.

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Information About Miniaturk

Information About Miniaturk

Miniaturk or Miniature Turkey Park is an area that allows various structures to be reduced to a certain extent. This place is located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Miniaturk, known as the largest miniature park in the world, is located in an old park area located on the banks of the Golden Horn.

The foundations of Miniatürk were laid on June 30, 2001. It was also opened to the public on May 2, 2003. This special area, which started with the slogan 'A Small Model of a Big Country', is the showcase of Turkey. Among the thousands of historical monuments, selections have been made here according to the ability to represent the period and the deconstructibility of the model.

There is also a playground where children and young people will have fun, a go-card, a controlled boat and the Miniaturk Express train, which traverses the entire area from length to length, are located in Miniatürk.

Features of Miniaturk

Features of Miniaturk

The information you should definitely know about Miniaturk is as follows:

  • Miniatürk is established on an area of 60 thousand square meters and is unique in the world in this aspect.

  • Miniature models of 136 architectural works, reduced to a ratio of 1/25, are included here.

  • There is a voice guidance service next to the works and it provides service in 9 languages.

  • It gets its strength and beauty from the 3000-year-old civilizations behind it.

  • Panorama Victory Museum and Crystal Istanbul Museums are also included here.

  • There is a large parking lot for 500 cars.

Where is the Miniaturk? How to Get There?

Where is the Miniaturk? How to Get There?

Miniatürk is located in the Sütlüce district of Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. You can reach this special place on the Golden Horn shore by the following ways:

  • 47

  • 47C

  • 47E

  • 47N

  • 54 HS

  • 36T

  • 41 ST

  • TB1

  • Seyrantepe-Topkapi minibuses

  • If you are coming by Metrobus, you can get off at the Halıcıoğlu stop, get on the 41st or dolmuş and get off at the Miniatürk stop.

If you are coming with your private car, you can use the following address and location information:

Address: Örnektepe, Imrahor Cd. No:7, 34445 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Miniaturk Entrance Fees and Visiting Hours

Miniaturk Entrance Fees and Visiting Hours

You need to pay a certain fee to enter Miniatürk. The price information (2023) is as follows:

Full ticket price: 50 TL

Discounted (Student, Teacher, Police and Military Personnel entrance ticket fee): 20 TL

Foreign (tourist) visitor entrance ticket fee: 150 TL

Credit card and cash TL are valid.

Paying in foreign currency is not accepted.

The information about the visiting hours is as follows:

Every day of the week: 09.00 - 19.00

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you use the contact information to get accurate information about the fee information and visiting hours.


Phone: +90 (212) 222 28 82

Istanbul Works in Miniatürk

Istanbul Works in Miniatürk

Istanbul Works

  • III. Ahmed Fountain

  • July 15 Martyrs Bridge

  • Anatolian Fortress

  • Dolmabahçe Clock Tower

  • Haydarpaşa Station and Pier

  • St. Antoine (Sent Antoine) Church

  • Mimar Sinan Mausoleum

  • Kabataş Boys High School

  • Suleymaniye Mosque

  • maiden's tower

  • Kaymak Mustafa Pasha Mosque

  • Kuleli Military High School

  • Eyüp Sultan Mosque

  • Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque

  • Pertevniyal High School

  • Hidiv Kasrı

  • Beylerbeyi Palace

  • Topkapi Ferry

  • Çırağan Palace

  • Dolmabahçe Palace

  • Ertuğrul Frigate

  • Ataturk Airport

  • Hagia Sophia

  • Haseki Hürrem Bath

  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque

  • Sadullah Pasha Mansion

  • Northern Naval Field Command

  • Topkapi Palace

  • Knitted Column

  • Burmese Column

  • Egyptian Obelisk

  • The German Fountain

  • Sultan I. Ahmed Mausoleum

  • Hagia Irene Church

  • Taksim Republican Monument

  • In the beginning 1657

  • Forty Fountains Water System

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Other Works in Miniaturk

Other Works in Miniaturk

There are also works from Anatolia and abroad outside Istanbul in Miniatürk. Some of these works are:

  • The Temple of Artemis

  • Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument

  • Mardin Stone Houses

  • Safranbolu Houses

  • Sumela Monastery

  • Church of the Virgin Mary

  • Mausoleum of Mevlana

  • ishak pasha palace

  • Pamukkale

  • Kayseri Doner Dome

  • Kayseri Doner Dome

  • Mostar Bridge

  • Kubbetu's-Sahara

  • Atatürk's House

Miniaturk Visitor Reviews

Miniaturk Visitor Reviews

If you are thinking of coming to Miniatürk, you can shape your trip with visitor reviews:

'Making miniatures of all these works, placing them in such a large area, offering them to the service of our people is a really valuable labor. I congratulate those who have worked in this place.'

'A miniature version of the works that have signed the history in Turkey. It is a very nice place where you can spend time with your family. It is easy to reach, there is food, toilet and mosque. You can take a walk around.'

'There are many natural and architectural beauties that Turkey has, deconstructed together and modeled in an extremely realistic way. If you love traveling and Turkey, you should definitely visit it to give an idea. It is very nice to discover the existence of natural beauties in remote places of the main region that you do not know, to notice the architectural beauties that you know and are next to you, but you have never had the opportunity to look with a receptive eye out of habit, and the feeling that I really need to see these places that are formed inside you. In short, if Turkey were a movie, this would be the trailer for this movie.'

What do you think about the Miniatürk? Let's meet in the comments!

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