Evil Dad Who Starved And Tortured Little Boy Before Feeding His Body To PIGS Jailed For Life!


HARROWING pictures reveal how a smiling young boy was reduced to a gaunt “bag of bones” after a nine-month torture campaign by his depraved dad and stepmum.

Little Adrian Jones, seven, was beaten until he bled, forced to stand in freezing water and strapped to a board while blindfolded by evil Michael and Heather Jones.

His face devoid of any emotion, the evil father of 7-year-old Adrian Jones was sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years in prison in a Kansas City courtroom today.

Dressed in a navy blue and white striped prison jumpsuit and orange Crocs, Michael Jones, a 46-year-old former bail bondsman, refused to look around as Adrian’s grandmother, sister and mother addressed the court. He pleaded guilty in March to first-degree murder in the 2015 death of his son.

His wife Heather, 31, has already received the same sentence and is serving time in a lock-up in Topeka.

Adrian was a tiny bag of bones when he died. His last months were a living hell. He was locked behind a plywood door in a shower, made to stand for hours in stagnant water up to his neck, shackled, bound, starved and beaten.

His stepmother called him 'the boy,' rather than use his given name. While she and Adrian's father cared for their six girls, he was singled out for abuse of the worst kind.

And even in death, there was one last indignity. Instead of a proper burial, the seven-year-old was fed to pigs his father had bought specifically for the purpose of getting rid of his emaciated body.

Adrian Jones had 'a smile that would light up a room.' said his grandmother Judy Conway. But at the hands of his father and stepmother, the 7-year-old was tortured to death, with images of his horror caught on the couple's surveillance camera. As seen in this image, Adrian was forced to stand in the shallow end of the Jones's filthy swimming pool for hours on end with water up to his neck.

The evil parents pleaded guilty to avoid longer sentences.

But as Jones starts his life term the questions of how the system could have failed seven-year-old Adrian remains unanswered.

His grandmother, Judy Conway, is calling for a public inquiry into how no-one helped the football-loving little boy as he went through almost a year of unimaginable agony before he finally succumbed.

He was blindfolded and strapped on to an inversion table in one of the dozens of pictures found on Heather Jones's computer .

The tale of Adrian Jones has shocked Kansas and surrounding states ever since Heather Jones gave her landlady passwords for her computer because she wanted her to send pictures of her children while she awaited trial in custody.

The landlady, mom-of-four Jennifer Hoevers, couldn't believe her eyes when she clicked on image after image of the cruelty that was heaped on the little boy.

There was video of him shivering as he stood outside, shackled hand and foot wearing just a T-shirt and pajama pants shortly before 6 on a January evening. 'Let me tell you, Kansas is cold in January,' Hoevers told DailyMail.com.

In the distressing video, Adrian desperately tries to drink from a cup he can't pick up because his wrists are handcuffed behind his back.

The Joneses documented the abuse they heaped on Adrian with dozens of pictures. This injury came after they jabbed him with a broomstick.

Hoevers discovered that Michael and Heather Jones had looked at the cost of a straitjacket online as they abused little Adrian.

At Heather's sentencing in November, prosecutor Sheryl Lidtke said she had never seen abuse like it in 27 years on the job.

'This is the most heinous crime I have ever prosecuted,' she said.

But Michael and Heather Jones might have gotten away with murder if only he had been able to control his temper.

Jennifer Hoevers has since discovered the couple had planned to skip out on their rental home and move to Utah where they could have started a new life where no-one would know that Adrian had ever existed

But on Thanksgiving, some two months after Adrian died, Heather Jones called cops to the Kansas City home. Michael, she said, had shot at her while she was holding her youngest daughter.

When police arrived Heather broke down and told them to look for bones in the pig pen. They found human remains that matched Adrian's DNA.

Michael and Heather Jones were arrested and ever since Heather has tried to pin all the blame on her husband.

On a Facebook message sent while awaiting trial, she wrote: 'I took responsibility for the children yes I loved them and cared for them but I am only 1 person and there was no controlling or getting away from that man when he was cycling!! He had cameras everywhere in my home all rooms and even outside.'

Then she talks about a time when he was stopped by police. 'When he was pulled over with the 6 girls he had only loaded assult (sic) rifles, loaded handguns, his drugs, promised me he was going to kill everyone that day and end it all.

'I am beyond broken for Adrian and my girls,' she added

One of the pictures on Heather Jones's computers showed how she and her husband had forced Adrian to stand straight by bandaging kitchen cutting boards to his front and back

Adrian's family - grandmother Judy Conway, sister Kiki Doctor and mother Dainna Pearce were all in Courtroom 16 at the Wyandotte County District Court on Monday after noon for the sentencing. Jennifer Hoevers was also present.

Adrian’s sister Kiki Doctor, speaking directly to Jones, told him how he used to terrify her when she lived with him for four years as a child.

‘You were my father-figure,’ she said. ‘I remember being terrified of you because of the way you treated my mom.

‘My mother was scared of you, she was depressed and you were abusive. I remember how she locked herself in the bathroom saying she would kill herself because you had destroyed her self-esteem.

‘I thank God every day that she was not hurt,’ added Kiki, who also recalled Christmas Eve 2012 when he had hugged her and given her $100 and thanked her for looking after his children. ‘I wanted so badly to believe my siblings would be safe with you,’ she said.

‘You are deserving of eternity in prison with no chance of parole. You took an innocent life and my family’s emotional health as well.’

Jones’s ex-lover, Adrian’s mother Dainna Pearce added: ‘Adrian was in your care and you took his life from him and tormented him with cruelty. You killed him in the most gruesome, hideous manner.

‘You failed as a father,’ Pearce added. ‘You were supposed to protect him, love him, kiss away his hurts and show him how to be a great man. But you chose to murder your own flesh and blood.’

Detective Stuart Littlefield also spoke of the emotional effect the case had on all the cops who had been involved. ‘There is nothing that could have prepared us for this,’ he said. ‘The abuse and torture was only compounded by the fact that Mike and Heather had systematically documented it.’

‘Nothing affected me more than when Mike told me that Heather would Tase Adrian for 15-20 seconds at a time,’ added Littlefield, who then stayed quiet for 20 seconds to let the court realize how long that time was.

‘Imagine the screams of that little boy,’ the detective told the court. He then said he asked some colleagues if they knew the names Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

‘Of course all of them did. But then I asked if they remembered the names of an of their victims and they all said no. We remember the criminals but not the victims.

‘I hope that in 25 years when Michael Jones is eligible for parole, people remember Adrian Jones. He was 7 years-old, he was tortured, shackled and beaten to death.

‘And when his killers could no longer stand the stench of his body he was fed to pigs.’

Adrian's legs were badly swollen from hours of being strapped into an inversion table by his father and step-mother

And there was more — much more. Heather had even saved online ads for straitjackets and blanket wraps for transporting human bodies.

'She never told me that I would find pictures of Adrian — I was just shocked beyond belief at what I saw,' Hoevers said.

Graphic pictures of Adrian standing naked in the shower showed him getting thinner and thinner until his tiny frame was skeletal. 'He looked like the pictures you see of concentration camp survivors,' said Hoevers.

She took the images to the police shortly after Heather Jones had been sentenced. The horrific evidence of exactly what went on in Jennifer Hoevers' house was discovered too late to be used in her case — but not too late for Michael's.

Jones even took selfies of herself right in front of the shower where Adrian was confined. The wires connect to the surveillance camera that was jerry-rigged inside the shower

Heather made contact with Adrian's grandma, Judy Conway and gave her a DVD with everything she found on the computer, warning her of how graphic it was. The first time Conway viewed it she threw up.

'The first picture I saw, Heather was posing him for pictures front and back. He looked like the most malnourished kid from a third-world country,' Conway told DailyMail.com.

Adrian Jones was the fifth of six children born to Judy Conway's daughter Dainna Pearce. The youngest three, Madison, Adrian and Tiesa were fathered by Michael Jones.

By all accounts she was a terrible mother. Her own daughter Keiona — known as Kiki — wrote an on-line letter to her brother after his murder. 'Mom liked to go out a lot; she didn't necessarily know how to be a mom, but you did not understand at the time because you were so young,' Kiki wrote.

By all accounts she was a terrible mother. Her own daughter Keiona — known as Kiki — wrote an on-line letter to her brother after his murder. 'Mom liked to go out a lot; she didn't necessarily know how to be a mom, but you did not understand at the time because you were so young,' Kiki wrote.

'I was always assigned to watch you and your sisters when Mom said she was going grocery shopping, but every time she wouldn't come back from the store until the next day.'

Kiki, now 20 and a junior at Emporia State University in Kansas where she stars on the track and field team and studies child psychology and development, even apologized to Adrian for sometimes wishing he and his sisters had never been born.

'I would get so angry because my friends would get to hang out and be teenagers and I was always stuck at home watching you and your sisters,' she wrote.

'You were worth more than that dark basement and those cruel words. You were worth more than those bruises and hateful eyes. You were worth more,' Kiki  wrote in an online letter after his murder

Jennifer Hoevers rented this house to Michael and Heather Jones for $1,850 a month in June 2014. 'They seemed normal tenants,' Hoevers said of the first time she met them

Hoevers visited the home just once during the Jones' time as tenants. Everything seemed fine although she noticed the number of surveillance cameras in the house. She figured that being a bail bondsman could be dangerous so didn't think too much about it. Little diid Hoevers know the swimming pool was  used as a torture device by the sick couple

The single-story, four-bedroom home is set on 15 acres of land on North 99th Street in Kansas City, Kansas. It is so isolated no-one would ever hear Adrian scream

The pigs that ate Adrian's remains were kept in a crate on the 15-acre property.

Heather Jones will serve a life sentence in Topeka Correctional Center without possibility of parole for 25 years


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