Everything you Need to Know About Chris Estrada's ‘This Fool’ Season One

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> Everything you Need to Know About Chris Estrada's ‘This Fool’ Season One

Chris Estrada is known for his award-winning podcasts and sketchy comedy series like Who's This Now, among others. He has been titled one of the 2018 Time Out Los Angeles Top ten Comics to stream and 2019 Comedy Central Comedian.

Estrada has decided to try something new with his first acting role in a TV show. The fact that he's also a writer makes everything even more catchy. His first and most recent piece, This Fool, is inspired by how he handled his relationships, life as a stand-up comedian, high-school days, money matters, and many more details.

What's ‘This Fool’ About?

In his series, Estrada plays Julio Lopez as the thirty-year-old who still lives under his parent's roof together with his ex-prisoner cousin. Julio has been dating his high-school girlfriend on and off and strives to avoid his problems at all costs. However, he has proved excellent working at the Gang Rehabilitation NGO, where he argues with his cousin. 

Julio's cousin is a former gang member recently released from prison and started living with Julio's parents. Since the pair don't always get along, it's going to be crazy hilarious watching them stay together.

The official trailer from Hulu's main YouTube Channel shows how the rehab center works, how the cousins 'survive' with each other, and all the rib-cracking scenes to expect.

Who plays Who in ‘This Fool’?

This Fool creator, Chris Estrada, portrays Julio, Michael Imperioli plays Minister Payne, Julia Vera acting Maria, Michelle Ortiz enacts Maggie, Laura Patalano represents Esperanza, and Frankie Quinones impersonates Luis, Julio's cousin. 

Chris Estrada penned and produced the series alongside Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, Patt Bishop, Fred Armisen, and Jonathan Goff. Diego Velasco and Patt Bishop serve as the series directors.

This Fool is an ABC Signature production. Craig Erwich, President of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, said, 'Breaking out fresh and distinct cast remains a Hulu Original programming trademark. We are excited to have Chris Estrada on our impressive list of creators  bringing This Fool to our people.'

‘This Fool’ Release Date and Trailer

This Fool will arrive on August 12th via Hulu with ten thirty-minute episodes. For Hulu Twitter-lovers, you can watch the 2-minute, 4-second trailer on the platform's main Twitter page for more descriptions. 

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