Essential Details About Hulu's ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Season 1 Ahead of its Premiere

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> Essential Details About Hulu's ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Season 1 Ahead of its Premiere

Hulu has been delivering new shows for its subscribers, especially this September. The streamer has another on the list, Reasonable Doubt, set to premiere late this month. 

The series joins other Hulu September releases such as The Mighty Ones, Tell Me Lies, Grid, The Handmaid's Tale and many more.

About ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Season One

The first season of Reasonable Doubt tells the story of a professional lawyer who uses every way possible to ensure her clients stay innocent and away from jail terms- clearly, there must be dirty deals in the game. 

Hulu's first teaser for the show displays lawyer Stewart confessing her efforts to give her clients lives of freedom, although she failed. It then proceeds to an interaction between Stewart and one of her clients who are planning to plead guilty for a criminal he 'didn't commit, followed by glimpses into the judge's personal life- a good mother, a good lawyer, but not a good wife. 

The trailer finalizes with Stewart's series of reasonable judgments and deeds that will make you question what kind of a lawyer she is- maybe a good one if you watch the show itself. 

The streamer later posted the official trailer, which dives deeper into actions and how they significantly affect those close to her. She battles between her wild career, parenting, and a falling-apart marriage in just 1 minute, 48 seconds.

From the Creators' Desk

Reasonable Doubt is chiefly written, created, and produced by Raamla Mohammed, with Jon and Holley Leshay as the co-chief producers and Kerry Washington as the director. 

The series' Twitter account, which was created on April 2022, and has already received a verification icon, has been the platform for the creators to air their words regarding Reasonable Doubt. 

Recently Kerry Washington tweeted the trailer video alongside the caption, 'It's your new favourite show. Without a Reasonable Doubt.' The personnel behind the page seems undoubtedly excited about the upcoming shows from the tweets and replies posted on it. 

The above team incorporated various talented actors like Christopher Cassarino (Rich), McKinley Freeman (Lewis Stewart), Brooke Lyons (Sarah Miller), Toby Onwumere (Will), and Sean P. Thomas (Brayden Miller), Victor Rasuk (Mike), Eugene Byrd (CJ), and Jasmine Akakpo (Kanika). Other characters include Monte Bell (Brent), Jame Jones (Devin), Paul Fox (Theo), and Pauletta Washington (Mama Lu).

‘Reasonable Doubt’ Season One Release Date

The series debuts on Tuesday, September 27th, with the premiere episode, followed by weekly releases, totalling ten must-watch episodes.

Each episode offers an introductory title to enhance the storyline and actions.