Equal Wages, 15 Euro Homes, And No Cops. A Utopia Coming To Life: Marinaleda


As the whole world deals with terror, discrimination, racism, poverty and much more, a perfect mini-world is established in Spain. 

Located in Andulus, connected to Sevilla in Spain, Marinaleda shows us how utopias can come to life. What makes this little town so different is the way it’s run. 

Having more than 3000 residents, Marinaleda runs on complete socialism for over 30 years and has the nickname of “A Utopia for Peace”.

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1. Marinaleda is a small town in Southwest Spain, connected to Sevilla. It’s not a big town with only 2748 people living in it according to 2014 data.


2. It has a deep story, reaching 5000 years ago to Neolithic times.


First human presence in this town can be tracked back to almost 5000 years ago. Archeologists found various rock tools and seeds in the area.

3. The way Marinaleda is governed makes it so different!

4. Over 30 years, socialist leader Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has been in charge.

5. Marinaleda’s story goes back to 1975 when the fascist leader Franco fell.

Farmers Union formed right after Franco’s downfall was the very first attempt to change Marinaleda. After the first local elections, it changed into democracy, 9 out of 11 seats in the congress were represented by workers’ union.

6. After years of striking, invasions, standing up and more, El Humoso, a 1200-hectare land was socialized in 1991.

Their motto was “Land belongs to the ones who run it.”

7. Farmers run these farms and free-range lands.

Over 2650 farmers work in this big co-operation and they are also responsible for all the aspects of farming.

8. They have olives, oranges, wheat, broccoli and much more vegetable range available to grow.

9. “Our purpose is to create jobs, not profit.”

All the farmers have a daily pay of 47 Euros and they work only 6 hours during the day. Rest of the earnings cover the needs of running Marinaleda. All this income is used to build sports facilities, parks and various recreational projects.

10. Around the end of '70s, more than 60% of the population in Marinaleda was unemployed. Now the unemployment rate is 0%!

They were not effected by the 2008 economic crisis shook Spain's economy. 

Nowadays, everyone is employed and their economy model is thought as a case study.

11. “Build it yourself!” program allows residents to have their own places for only 15.52 Euros a month as long as they work towards building it.

Of course, all the materials needed in the construction are covered by the muniplicity. The only condition is to take part in your home’s construction. Most homes have a garden, even a garage with 2, 3 bedrooms depending on your needs.

12. Education follows the regular subjects in the area but they have further “citizenship” and “farming” classes to educate the kids towards their future.


There is no police or security force in the area. There is no crime or bribing going on as a result. They believe in equal civil rights and awareness. Plus, this saves them over 350.000 Euros a year.

14. Charismatic leader Gordillo has the nicknames Don Quixote and Robin Hoods for the things he achieved.

He says Marx, Lenin, Che and Gandhi helped him develop his sense of politics and human rights. 

People having fun in this utopic town…

15. Free, peace, equal and righteous living…

16. Free, peace, equal and righteous living…

17. Many people see Marinaleda as a utopia. But is it really a utopia if it’s actually real?

Gordillo says the following: “We need to rethink our values, the consumer society, the value we place on money, selfishness and individualism. Marinaleda is just a small example. We want to reach out to the world eventually.”

Bonus: A cool video about life in Marinaleda…

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