Duke Nukem the Movie to be Finally Released

> Duke Nukem the Movie to be Finally Released

Who are producing 'Duke Nukem' the movie?

It has been three decades since the first time that 'Duke Nukem' made his debut. And now, after all these years of waiting and anticipation from fans worldwide, he is getting an official feature film!

The beloved video game series from Gearbox Software is finally set to make its way onto the silver screen, thanks partly because of a creative team behind 'Cobra Kai,' including Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, who have been attached as producers. Legendary will also produce the film with Jean Julien Baronnet on board for this project over at Marla Studios.

Is John Cena going to be 'Duke Nukem' ?

The 'Duke Nukem' film has been in development for over five years, with several studios and actors playing around with the idea. The most recent is Paramount, who hoped to cast John Cena as their titular character but have yet to announce any news about this project which is why he might return if given another chance.

When can we watch it?

We don't have many details yet, but fans of the classic video game franchise should stay tuned for more updates.

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Here's what you need to know about 'Duke Nukem'

The game 'Duke Nukem' is a 1991 platformer developed and published by Apogee Software for MS-DOS. The 2D, multidirectional scrolling adventure follows the adventures of the fictional character Duke across three episodes with ten levels each in tow. In 1996 he returned, in 3D-no less!

The goal in this game is to get from level to level while collecting points and destroying enemies. Boxes, obstacles, and blocks can all be shot with weapons collected throughout your journey; powerups, including health perks or gun upgrades, may also appear! 

You'll need more than just good aim, though, if you want success: sometimes inventory items will offer special abilities, so make sure to shoot them and grab them first, too!. The final enemy has no exit - instead, reaching him means finding Dr. Proton himself before finally taking care of business.

The player will be rewarded for valiance with up to seven 10,000 point bonuses at the end of every level. These can come from making specific achievements in a particular stage, such as destroying all cameras on this mission.