Cutely Obsessed With Knitting? Here Are 19 Things You Can Relate To

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While knitting is a difficult and demanding activity for some, some others find it fun and enjoyable. I personally could never learn how to knit no matter how many times I got someone to teach me. (And I would love to think that I am not an idiot.) 

We have compiled these points from BuzzFeed, which only those who love knitting can understand!

1. Knitting is just like your brain's screensaver.

Every moment you aren't concentrating on something your brain starts knitting.

2. Nothing can be as relaxing as knitting.

3. You look forward to going home to start knitting after a long day at work.

4. You want everyone to know it when you are wearing something you knitted.

5. Wool shops are paradise to you.

6. You have a list of the kinds and colors of all the wool you want to buy.

7. You find yourself shopping for wool, without any idea about what to do with it.

It is too beautiful not to buy!

8. The fact that knitting your own clothes turns out to be more expensive than buying them from stores like normal people do drives you crazy.

9. Your bank balance suffers from your cashmere blend and wooden needle habit.

But it isn't your thing to wait for 3 weeks to knit something for it to be just itchy.

10. Every holiday and birthday is an excuse for you to knit.

11. You start knitting your Christmas gifts weeks ago.

Or let us put it this way: have you stopped knitting since last year?

12. Literally everybody you know has been once forced to wear your creations.

13. Dropping a stitch is a real emotional trauma for you.

14. Even though you know it’s a terrible idea you always try to avoid balling up the yarn.

And the you spend hours untangling it before you can start knitting.

15. Only videos you watch online are knitting tutorials.

16. Once you master a style, you can't wait to learn another one.

17. There are styles that you can't help but wonder if you can ever learn.

Knitting is magical. Not even all YouTube tutorials can be enough to grasp its magic!

18. When you get new inspiration, the temptation to give up on your current project is huge.

19. But there is no emotion that is more satisfying than finishing a project.

Or starting another one as soon as you are done with one.

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