Countdown of The Trashiest Reality TV Shows of the Century So Far

Countdown of The Trashiest Reality TV Shows of the Century So Far

Vivian Mwikali
August 18 2022 - 11:53pm

We know reality TV shows are meant for entertainment, but some stretch things too far and turn the audience off with their offensiveness.

The century may be young, but not short of trashy reality TV series. In this post, we'll list the most disturbing and appalling reality TV shows that were released in the year 2000.

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15. Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (2008-2009)

We know it can be hard to find a best friend but who in their right mind would want to contest and be criticized on why they may or may not make a good BFF? 

This sickening display went on for two years as Paris Hilton eliminated the contestants who were not fit to be her bestie.

14. Born in the Wild (2015)

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This Lifetime reality show could be the most reckless as it forces viewers to watch couples give birth in the wild without the aid of modern medicine. 

The show gambles with humanity as suspense is attained from the audience guessing whether the mother or baby could die. 

Born in the Wild was slammed by medical practitioners and it makes you wonder how it got a go-ahead in the first place.

13. Married by America (2003)

This early 2000s version of Married at First sight saw five individuals putting their love lives in the hands of America for unexplainable reasons. Singles were paired with strangers, and afterwards, the public would vote whether the two should get engaged or not. 

As the couples continued to get acquainted, they would face elimination as per audience votes. But it's a shocker that no one got married, considering the show is called Married by America.

12. Dating Naked (2014-2016)

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Though VH1 is recognized for its cutting-edge premises, it went overboard with this one. Dating Naked is inarguably the most controversial reality show the network has ever made.

Led by Amy Paffrath, each episode saw a lady and a guy taken to a remote exotic island where they went on nude dates with three other people. As awkward as it is for the audience to watch, it's more awkward having to strip down for someone you just met.

11. House of Carters (2006)

E! Entertainment’s House of Carters was a hot mess as it attempted to showcase the family life of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter.

The pop star had his grown-ish siblings showed how dysfunctional and dull their lives were as each episode where they 'plan their futures' ended up in childish conflicts, censored cursing and a reminder that most of them grappled with drugs, drinking or both. 

Who can withstand watching such toxicity? Which explains why the series lasted only eight episodes.

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10. My Fair Brady (2005-2008)

My Fair Brady is what you’d call another hot mess, starring two people desperate for continued attention. 

Adrianne Curry, the winner of the first season of America's Next Top Model, displays her relationship with Cristopher Knight who portrayed Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. The two began dating on The Surreal Life and eventually landed their own reality show, My Fair Brady.

Let's just say the high point of the series was Florence Henderson, Brady's stepmom who is featured in one episode.

9. The Moment of Truth (2008-2009)

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This show hit below the belt with intrusive questions that challenged morality and may have ruined families. 

Sure winning $500,000 was a great joy but was it worth it if it jeopardized one's future? While some questions were mildly embarrassing, some were dark and uncomfortable to watch, explaining the show's short life span.

8. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic (2005)

Britney and Kevin: Chaotic is another tragic reality show that lasted only a season. While meant to be a sweet collage of how the couple fell in love and got engaged, the truth turned out to be an endless parade of narcissistic exclusive home videos as Britney flaunted their awesome sex life. 

The series was painfully dull and ridiculous.

7. The Pickup Artist (2007-2008)

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VH1's The Pickup Artist was demeaning, offensive and intolerable. Self-acclaimed pickup artist Mystery worked with eight dating misfits, giving them dubious tips on how to pick up women.

The men would then arrive in a mini-bus labeled 'Destination: Manhood' to a mansion where they interacted with ladies, showing their master what they learnt. 

The show encouraged low-grade insults as a way of picking up women by crushing their self-esteem. We aren't exaggerating! And the cheap pick-up lines went on for two seasons.

6. Boy Meets Boy (2003)

You'd expect the first LGBTQ+ dating show to be groundbreaking, but instead, viewers gaze upon the single gay James Getzlaff getting jiggy with fifteen men, half of who are straight pretending to be gay.

If James selected a straight guy, in the end, the contestant would take home $25,000 while he goes home empty-handed. The concept of the straight guy acting gay was exploitative, unnecessary and downright wrong.

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5. Are You Hot? The Search for America’s Sexiest People (2003)

This shallow reality series attempted to find the hottest people in America based on their looks. God help those who fell victim to the laser-pointing judge Lorenzo Lamas' crude remarks. He would comment crudely on any feature, including teeth alignment to the space between the thighs. 

The obnoxious judges’ comments and scores were harsh enough to crush the most confident person. Seeing people subject themselves to such degradation was unbearable.

4. Who’s Your Daddy? (2005)

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Who's Your Daddy was much opposed that it was taken off air after only one special episode. The feature saw T.J. Myers, a lady who had been searching for her biological father all her life, selecting her potential daddy from a lineup. 

Of course, the winner won the prize money, but the show ruined a sweet father-daughter experience. Outraged viewers criticized Who's Your Daddy for being insensitive.

3. Next (2005-2008)

Next is a live-action version of Tinder, except that the main contestant yells ‘next’ instead of swiping left when the date goes wrong. 

The potential dates were piled into an RV and released one by one to the contestant. They were compensated for every minute spent with the contestant, and the winner could decide whether to go on a second date or take the cash prize home. 

How trashy could dating get?

2. I Wanna Marry "Harry" (2014)

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Even trashier and more confusing than Next is the excuse for a reality show called I Wanna Marry “Harry” that featured Matthew Hix who kinda-sorta-maybe looks like Prince Harry. 

Matthew had to convince twelve unsuspecting women that he is Prince Harry, but the goal was for them to like him for who he is. WTH?!

It's shocking how the ladies actually believed Matthew was the prince. They were lured into thinking the show was called 'Dream Date' and that prince Harry was searching for love. 

The show went all-out to sell the ruse, including hiring a fake therapist to convince the cynics. That's messed up and completely unethical.

1. BridalPlasty (2010-2011)

Whoever came up with the concept of BridalPlasty must have been nuts! This dubious bridal show had contestants competing in weekly challenges to earn cosmetic procedures leading up to their nuptials. 

Each woman had a list of things they'd like to change about their body, and the winner got all their wishes granted. 

BridalPlasty shared a horrid concept with The Swan (2004), where ugly ducklings were transformed into beauties through cosmetic surgery. 

Reality TV can’t get more depressing than this!

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Here are more dishonorable mentions:

Kill Reality (2005), Outback Jack (2004), Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? (2000), There’s Something About Miriam (2004), Taking on Tyson (2011) and Kid Nation (2007).

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