Check This Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Where The Magic Of Love Got Mixed With Potions!


What would you do if the person you were to marry was a 'Potterhead?' We don't know what you would do but this couple had the most stunning wedding ever! Everything was themed, from costumes to drinks. They took the concept wedding and being a Potterhead to a whole new level! Let's see what kind of magic they have done.


Meet Cindy and Matt. They've had the most stunning Harry Potter-themed wedding ever.

So stunning, in fact, that Martha Stewart Weddings did a feature on their big day.

Their Marauder's Map wedding invitation, that Cindy designed, produced and printed all on her own.

Their positively Hogwarts-esque wedding venue, Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles.

They enhanced their enchanted ceremony by writing their vows on Potter-worthy parchment.

They also put wands on each of their guests' seats.

Some guests, like one of Cindy's coworkers, arrived decked out in their finest themed gear.

Look at that stuffed Hedwig attached to his shoulder!

While others donned wigs and fur capes to channel their inner wolf animaguses.

"We were both worried that no one would have fun with the formal wizard dress code, but it turns out we have the best friends ever because so many of them came in wizard wear," Cindy told Martha Stewart Weddings.

And the bridal party was stunning in bewitching black.

The reception was, if possible, even more gorgeous than the ceremony.

Guests got to sip on Honeydukes' finest potions.

And sit in, quite possibly, the most beautiful setting ever.

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