‘Charmed 1998’: Which Witch Sister is the Most Likeable

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> ‘Charmed 1998’: Which Witch Sister is the Most Likeable

While the Charmed remake still grows strong with four seasons so far, nothing can replace the hilarious and engaging plot of its predecessor. 

The original Charmed proved to be a comfortable show for many fans, myself included and displays audience popularity of 85% on Google. Many fans can connect with the Halliwell sisters, who navigate their supernatural abilities at different stages of their lives. 

But if fans had to choose which charmed one created a long-lasting impression, some experienced more character development and a more defined arc than others. Let's dig in!

4. Prue

I admit I wasn't a Prue fan at first, she started as an abrasive judgemental sister, criticising her younger siblings for their careers and love lives. But in just three seasons, Prue had undergone more tremendous growth than her sisters did in eight, from leaving her stable art gallery career to pursue her passion in photography to embracing her full powers. 

Sadly, her evolution may not be enough to deem her likeable for fans who categorize their favorite characters on first impression. On top of that, exiting the show in the prior phase prevented her from holding a high position in fans' favorite list.

3. Paige

Paige faced an uphill battle filling in Prue's shoes, coming into the series at its fourth instalment, but her overall sweet demeanour deemed her likeable. Though a half-sibling, she was very much a charmed one like the rest of them, possessing both witch and angel abilities. 

Paige's slight downer, however, was her inconsistent personality, being carried away with one obsession at one moment and yet another the next minute, transforming from social worker to super witch to school professor. 

No hate for Paige though! Someone in their early 20s can definitely relate to how confusing it can be striving to find their groove in life.

2. Piper

Without a doubt, Piper was the warmest and most caring of the Halliwell sisters. She was also the most grounded, sensible and had the most successful love life, with devilishly handsome men fighting for her even in non-waking moments. Who wouldn’t wanna be Piper! 

That said, fans wished to see Piper appreciate her powers more rather than constantly nag about having a normal life. Being able to freeze people and blow things up using only her hands may have ranked Piper as the most powerful witch of her sisters. But her obsession with normalcy made her somewhat irritable. 

Besides that, Piper tops my list of most likeable Halliwells.

1. Phoebe

Phoebe’s constant dilemma of good and evil makes her most relatable. Her charm and personality are hard to overlook. 

Besides that, her evolution from the self-centred last-born sister to an overwhelmingly empathetic and compassionate witch made Phoebe the most likeable charmed one.