Big Meech Baby Mama - Who Is She?

Big Meech Baby Mama - Who Is She?

Kimjun Demo
August 14 2022 - 05:33pm

Frequent questions have been asked by social media fans recently about the Netflix grossing show 'Black Mafia Family' (BMF), an American crime drama television series which portrays the Black Mafia Family, a drug and money laundering organization. Many are eager to know who is behind the title 'Baby Mama' in real life.

Baby Mama lives her life privately; however, a few details have been covered, thus leading us to know that Baby Mama's real life name is Latarra Eutsey.

Let's dive deeper into her biography and explore information beyond her title.

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Latarra Eutsey's Biography

Latarra Eutsey is connected to Big Meech, and is often regarded as her better match. She stuck with him during the era of his notoriety and eventually acquired the title of 'Baby Mama,' for she is a woman who was with him through thick and thin. She is also the mother of Big Meech's son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., who is also known as Lil Meech.

She was also considered the Queen of their money and drug laundering organization and gained that status after the Co-Founder, Big Meech, treated her as her baby mama. She was quite involved in some dirty transactions and was believed to be a manager of BMF until 2005.

They started their relationship together with Big Meech in 1999, and eventually they gave birth to Demetrius Jr. a year afterward. But despite their ties, they are not married. And there were records that Big Meech had been involved with some other women. Yet in spite of that, it seemed that Latarra was his only true love.

According to some reports, she was born on the 13th of January 1969. Having said that, she is currently 53 years old. She is an American citizen, and her nationality is African American. Her early life remained a mystery for many, and her parents or siblings are still unknown.

There were no records provided to show that Baby Mama studied at any universities. But with the logic that she worked for a big airline company, she definitely was in college.

Latarra's Personal Status

Although Latarra has gained fame on the internet after the crime drama Black Mafia Family aired on Netflix, she is quite inactive on social media and posts things rarely to avoid exposure to issues about herself and her family. But there was information on her Facebook account that showed she was a flight attendant for Delta Liners for almost 3 decades. Also, according to some old Twitter information from last year, she is a real estate agent with multiple offices in Florida who handles both residential and commercial properties.

By knowing these tiny pieces of information about her, it comes to the conclusion that Latarra Eustey is a very private person.

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Latarra's Sons - Lil Meech

Unlike his father, Demetrius Jr. chose to go through another path. He pursued acting and rapping, contrary to what his father, Demetrius Sr., did. He was only 5 years old when his father was confined in prison, hence his mother, Latara Eustey, raised him all by herself. With that said, it is inevitable for him to form a strong bond with her mother. Latarra did her very best to support her son. She even went to the set of the BMF series to celebrate his birthday along with him.

But after all these years of living only with his mother, he did not plant a hatred towards his father, but instead he talked to him on the telephone every day and even made a song for him as a tribute, entitled 'Bad Habits,' that was released in late 2019.

He's currently 22 years old and has grown into a fine man. He was fascinated by the art of ink, for he had some of it painted over his body. One of the highlights is his tattoos that denote his parents, Big Meech and Latara Eustey. Some of his tattoos resemble other important things to him.

He was also an actor and was featured in some movies, such as 'Good News' and 'Euphoria'. But his acting career was completely changed when he was chosen to portray his father's character in a drama series adaptation of Black Mafia Family.

The Black Mafia Family: The Movie Series

The Black Mafia Family movie series is a true story that was derived from the history of his father, Demetrius Sr. 'Big Meech,' and his uncle, Terry 'Southwest T.' Flenory. This adapted movie series shows the story of their notoriety as a famous drug dealer in the 1980's. They spent decades selling drugs, doing crime, running, and hiding from the shadows. They even founded BMF entertainment in the early 2000's. This consists of drug trafficking, money laundering, and other illegal operations.

After having difficulty finding an actor that fits the role, the rapper and executive producer, Curtis (50 cents), Jackson, inspired Demetrius Jr. to become a star in the series of his father's stories. He then moved to Los Angeles and was sent to an acting school. He studied for almost 2 years and described his experience as filled with intensity.

Despite the difficulties, Demetrius managed to pull it off and achieve success in his acting career. He received positive feedback and praise for his work as a character that plays the role of his father. According to an interview with The New York Times, Demetrius Jr. stated that communication with his father helped him manage the role successfully and that he was also the reason he pursued an acting career.

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