Best Chris Evans Movies Ranked by IMDb

Best Chris Evans Movies Ranked by IMDb

Vivian Mwikali
November 10 2022 - 01:30am

It’s about time Chris Evans topped the list of the sexiest man alive by People Magazine! This year sees Evan’s crowning, taking over from Marvel co-star Paul Rudd, who boasted 2021’s title.

The 41-year-old actor is happy to make his mommy proud… and millions of adoring fans who can only dream of having his baby! Evans has always been the sexiest man ever, since he started causing a buzz on the silver screen in the early aughts. 

If you agree with me, then read on for the best Chris Evans films to add to your watch list. Note that this listing is influenced by IMDb ratings. 

Without further ado, let’s begin.

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1. ‘The Avengers’ Franchise

Evans’ fame skyrocketed through the first three phases of the MCU films, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), The Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and The Avengers: Endgame (2019). He portrayed the chiseled, highly virtuous American hero, Captain America.

Endgame is one of Marvel's highly rated and top-grossing films, garnering $860 million at the box office. It also scores 8.4 on IMDb, along with Infinity War. The first The Avengers film rates at 8.0 while Age of Ultron is at 7.3.

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2. ‘Knives Out’ (2019)

Starring alongside Hollywood A-listers Daniel Craig, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer (R.I.P), Riki Lindhome and Ana de Armas, Evans plays the role of Hugh Ransom Drysdale. 

Knives Out is a dark comedy mystery film about a top detective digging into the death of a patriarch, which involves investigating the dysfunctional family.

The 2-hour movie scores 7.9 on IMDb.

3. ‘Captain America’ Franchise

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When Captain America wasn’t busy avenging, he was fighting the HYDRA cultic group, supposedly a branch of Hilter’s organization. 

The franchise dives into the personal life of Steve Rogers, from his humble background to how he became the highly-esteemed Captain. It also tackles the ups and downs of his best friend Bucky, and his involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) scores 6.9, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) 7.8 and Captain America: Civil War (2016) 7.8.

4. ‘Gifted’ (2017)

The youngster acting legend, McKenna Grace pairs up with Chris Evans in the drama film Gifted as uncle and niece. Evans' character Frank battles his mother in court for custody of his genius niece Mary. Other stars featured in the film are Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer and Lindsay Kendall Kaplan. 

Evans gives a moving performance as a concerned father figure. 

Gifted scores 7.6 on IMDb.

5. ‘Sunshine’ (2007)

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Sunshine sort of comes closer to Marvel's Fantastic Four, where a young Evans played the Human Torch/Johnny Storm. You fly too close to the sun, and your wings get burnt or you become powerful mutants. 

Set in 2057, Sunshine features a group of astronauts who embark on a dangerous mission to save the dying sun. 

Chris Evans plays James Mace, the engineer, and he is joined by an ensemble cast including Cillian Murphy as Robert Capa, the physicist; Rose Bryne as Cassie, the space shuttle pilot; Michelle Yeoh as Corazon, the biologist; Cliff Curtis as Searle, the ship's doctor; Hiroyuki Sanada as Kaneda, the captain; Troy Garity as Harvey, second-in-command and Benedict Wong as Troy, the navigator. 

The sci-fi thriller film rates 7.2 on IMDb.

6. ‘Snowpiercer’ (2013)

Though Snowpiercer scores 7.1 on IMDb, it highly rates on Rotten Tomatoes, hitting the 95% mark. 

Snowpiercer is a thriller action entrée, which features Evans as the lead Curtis, the leader of a revolutionary survival group in an apocalyptic world where only a few humans survive. 

Chris stars alongside a star-studded cast consisting of Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer, Song Kang-Ho, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Alison Pill and Luke Pasqualino.

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7. ‘Before We Go’ (2014)

It's not often you get to see Evans star in a romance drama, giving you all the more reason to treasure 2014's Before We Go, which is Chris' directorial debut, by the way. 

Evans and Alice Eve play the leads, Nick Vaughan and Brooke Dalton, who meet at a Subway. After missing her train, Nick takes Alice home, and they confide in each other on the way. 

Though Before We Go scored a high 6.8 on IMDb, critics gave a harsh 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

8. ‘Puncture’ (2011)

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Puncture is an indie film based on the true story of Michael David “Mike” Weiss and Paul Danzinger. Evans plays the attorney Mike Weiss while Mark Kassen plays the attorney Danzinger. Michael is a drug addict lawyer who fights a medical supply organization. He also has his own demons to deal with. 

The legal drama film ranks 6.8 on IMDb.

9. ‘The Iceman’ (2012)

This crime thriller movie is definitely worth watching, mostly due to its all-star cast, including Friends veteran David Schwimmer. Other actors starring alongside Evans are Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta (may he rest), James Franco and Winona Ryder. 

Scoring 6.8 on IMDb, The Iceman focuses on the dire consequences faced by contract killer Richard Kuklinski after he’s arrested and his family abandons him.

10. ‘Street Kings’ (2008)

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Another irresistible crime thriller film where Chris stars alongside Hollywood legends. One man against the world, Street Kings sees policeman Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), who undergoes traumatizing events after the death of his wife and false accusation of killing his colleague.

More bigwigs featured in the movie include Forest Whitaker as Captain Jack Wander, Chris Evans as Detective Paul 'Disco' Diskant, Hugh Laurie as Captain Jimmy Biggs, Naomie Harris as Linda Washington, John Corbett as Detective Dante Demille, Cedric the Entertainer as Winston “Scribble”, Jay Mohr as Sergeant Mike Clady and Terry Crews as Detective Terrence Washington. 

Other names worth mentioning are Kenneth Choi, The Game, Emilio Rivera, Patrick Gallagher, Jaime FitzSimons, Angela Sun and Jernard Burks. 

Street Kings ranks 6.8 on IMDb.

Bonus: ‘The Gray Man’ (2022)

Though The Gray Man doesn’t rank as highly as the rest of the movies, scoring 6.5 on IMDb, it’s worth making some noise about because Evans plays the villainous role (for the very first time) of ex-CIA agent Lloyd Hansen. Evans’ sociopathic character goes against the equally ridiculously talented and handsome Ryan Gosling as Sierra Six.

Other names affiliated with the action film include Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfre Woodard, Wagner Moura, Dhanush and Julia Butters.

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Chris Evans Upcoming Films

Expect to see more of Evans next year, starting with the action romance film Ghosted, where he will star alongside Ana de Armas and other icons Adrien Brody, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Sedaris, Mike Moh, Lizzie Broadway, Tate Donovan and Tim Blake Nelson. 

He will also feature in the Christmas film Red One along with favorite stars Dwayne Johnson, J K Simmons, Nick Kroll, Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Kristopher Hivju.

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