Balkan Ninnisi: A Turkish Series That Tugs at the Heartstrings

Balkan Ninnisi: A Turkish Series That Tugs at the Heartstrings

İrem Uğur
July 10 2023 - 08:34pm

Welcome to our content, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Turkish series 'Balkan Lullaby' (Balkan Ninnisi). This heartwarming and emotional drama takes viewers on a journey through love, loss, resilience, and the power of music. Set against the backdrop of the Balkans, this series weaves together intricate storylines, rich cultural elements, and unforgettable characters. Join us as we delve into the depths of this compelling Turkish TV gem, exploring the themes, characters, and moments that make 'Balkan Lullaby' a must-watch series.

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Ertan, a young and charming Turkish man, resides in North Macedonia alongside his large family. Raised with a strong connection to his Turkish heritage, Ertan embraces his roots while pursuing his dreams. Separated from his family for four years to study at a university in Istanbul, Ertan aspires to become a radio programmer, despite his family's belief that he is studying architecture.

Upon his return to Skopje, Ertan is reunited with his family, but faces a dilemma. Unable to fulfill his family's long-held dream of building a mosque due to his actual field of study, Ertan's path takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Jovanka, a beautiful Macedonian girl who shares his passion for radio and television.

As their lives intertwine, Ertan and Jovanka navigate the complexities of their respective families' cultural differences. Ertan's family, particularly his uncle Suleyman, clings to Turkish traditions, seeking to preserve a legacy lost after the Ottomans' departure from the Balkans. Jovanka's family, led by her mother Elena, holds biases towards Turkish people, valuing their Macedonian heritage.

Complications arise when Ertan and Jovanka find themselves in situations that lead others to believe they are a couple. Despite their efforts to keep their distance, their connection deepens with each passing day.

'Balkan Lullaby' (Balkan Ninnisi) delves into the lives of two distinct families residing in Skopje, North Macedonia. Will Ertan find success in radio programming? Can Jovanka pursue a career in television against her mother's wishes? Will feelings blossom between Ertan and Jovanka, despite their disparate backgrounds? Can Neriman and Suleyman accept a Macedonian girl as a potential bride? Will Elena welcome a Turkish man as a potential groom? Ultimately, will Ertan's and Jovanka's families find a way to overcome their differences and foster harmony? The captivating story of 'Balkan Lullaby' explores these intricate dynamics and the pursuit of love, dreams, and cultural acceptance.


  • Emre Bey as Ertan

  • Merih Ozturk as Jovanka

  • Erdal Ozyagcilar as Suleyman

  • Ozlem Turkad as Neriman

  • Hakan Boyav as Daniel

  • Suzan Akbelge as Elena

  • Sarp Bozkurt as Arif

  • Gozde Cigaci as Gulsum

  • Benu Sahin as Maria

  • Erman Saban as Zafer

  • Kaan Turgut as Pavel

  • Emine Halil as Aysen

  • Süleyman Kara as Mustafa

  • Burak Rahman as Luran

  • Deniz Gürkan as Gülbahar

  • Can Kolukısa as Zübeyir Dede

  • Mustafa Yaşar as Ahmet

  • Bedia Begovska

  • Elyesa Kaso

  • Filiz Ahmet

  • Slađana Vujošević

  • Firdaus Nebi

  • Selviye Inci as Güldaniye

  • Tolga Ortancıl as Irfan

  • Cenap Samet as Cemail

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