Awesome Story Of The Guy Who Proposed To His GF In A Packed Movie Theater


Witness the ecstatic moments of the couple in a movie theater - where a guy brought lots of people and made a video of all the preparations and then showed it to the woman he loves when he proposed to her...

An innocent exit and here we go!

Liam and his fiance Amy met in high school and they have been together for 6 years. 😍😍😍

The people in the movie theater 'have no clue' about what's going to happen.

Liam, who also included many friends in this marriage proposal, sang the Magic Rude song in the video he would show to his girlfriend at the cinema. Amy, who started to watch the video after he went to the toilet, had very sentimental moments.


We wish life long happiness to Liam, whose girlfriend said "yes" to him in this beautiful organization, and Amy!

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