Australian Blogger Was Refused Entry To The Louvre Because Of Her Inappropriate Outfit!


A woman claims that she wasn't able to entry to the Louvre because of her revealing dress!

Newsha Syeh took her anger to her 230,000 followers on Instagram, and said the experience left her 'heartbroken'.

25-year-old blogger just wanted to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris.

But she was denied access because her dress was too revealing.

She says a security guard on the door turned her away after making “disgusted and horrible gestures” before telling her to “cover up”.

She looked up the dress code in the Louvre online and posting a screenshot which shows that visitors can wear what they want.

She said: “I was heartbroken, because I thought the Louvre enforced this archaic rule. Turns out it does not.”

The Louvre website states that it is forbidden for visitors to wear “swimsuits or be naked, barefoot or bare-chested”.

Newsha’s followers rushed to her defence and posted comments in praise of her outfit.

One wrote: “I’m sorry that happened. I think your outfit is the most beautiful thing. Biggest love,” and the other added: “They were so rude about it too and cussed us out until we had no choice but to walk away feeling embarrassed. Your outfit is beautiful.”

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