Are You Bored? Reminisce Over Wayans’ ‘Dance Flick’: Now Streaming on Hulu

etiket Are You Bored? Reminisce Over Wayans’ ‘Dance Flick’: Now Streaming on Hulu

Vivian Mwikali
March 02 2022 - 08:39pm Last Update: March 16 2022 - 03:02pm

It's mid-week again! And perhaps you're bored and don't know what exactly to watch on Hulu. You recently finished your latest binge-watch series but are not ready to start embarking on another because, well, it's midweek, and you wouldn't wanna sleep late. We gat you!

We've recommended for you this silly comedy dance musical film to crack you up. Dance Flick may be full of obnoxious overdone comedic scenes, but it's exactly what you need on a dull night.

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Dance Flick is a 2009 parody film of several dance, comedy and thriller movies, including Save the Last Dance, High School Musical, Step Up 1 and 2, Twilight, Hairspray, You Got Served, and Dream Girls, I hope I haven't missed one… 

The movie forecasts Megan, a white suburban girl who moves to the ghetto to live with her dad after the sudden death of her mother. She makes new friends in her ghetto school, including Charity, the sister to Thomas Uncles, who Megan later fell in love with. Megan and Thomas spend time together training as dance partners. 

Meanwhile, Thomas and his buddy A-Con have to deal with working for a gang lord who owes them a lump sum. Megan, Thomas, A-Con and a group of nerdy dancers from a dance crew to perform in a street dance competition and win the cash, which could save Thomas and his friend's life.

Who Stars in the Movie?

Dance Flick is produced by the Wayans Brothers Production Company, with Damien Dante Wayans taking the directorial role. As you'd expect, the Wayans always stick closer than glue to paper, meaning that the movie features a lot of Wayans faces, starting with Damon Wayans Jr., who plays the lead character Thomas Uncles. 

Other Wayans seen in the movie includes Shawn Wayans as Charity's baby daddy, Marlon Wayans as Mr Moody, Kim Wayans as Ms Dontwannabebothered, Keenen Ivory Wayans as Mr Stache, Craig Wayans as Truck and Chaunté Wayans as Free Gas Pedestrian. 

Other actors worth mentioning are Shoshana Bush as Megan White, Essence Atkins as Charity Uncles, Affion Crockett as A-Con, Chris Elliott as Megan's dad Ron White, Amy Sedaris as Ms Cameltoé, David Alan Grier as Sugar Bear and Chelsea Makela as Tracy Transfat.

What Else to Watch on Hulu

You can also check out Baby Mama (2008), Bringing Down the House (2003) and The Banger Sisters (2002) if you’re feeling like indulging in more 2000s films. They are all streaming on Hulu.

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