Andrew Tate Was Open About His Crimes, Many of Which Were Caught on Camera

Andrew Tate Was Open About His Crimes, Many of Which Were Caught on Camera

Paul Hunter
January 17 2023 - 08:50am

Warning: This article contains sensitive material that may not be suitable for all readers.

Andrew Tate is by far one of the most disgusting human beings alive today--on par with African warlords and Warren Jeffs. He couldn't be worse if he tried. But to many impressionable man-children, he's an icon, repackaging 18th-century misogyny as male empowerment. He speaks to a generation that's become disenfranchised with common sense, choosing instead to buy into blatant misinformation campaigns and false, bigoted rhetoric. 

For many, it's a matter of politics. Kids will see one of his videos, recognize that he falls firmly on the right, and defend him to the death, all while refusing to type his name into Google. Anyone who opposes him is seen as a woke, liberal snowflake. They're the enemy, the proverbial 'them.' He'd say that they've been brainwashed by the matrix. 

That might sound like the same old story. We can point to countless figures who have managed to exploit the blind, ignorant loyalty of the masses. We all know their supporters have an aversion to typing their names into search engines. They'll ignore videos, audio tapes, court documents--anything that doesn't fit what they're told to believe. Corrupt officials and bad pundits bank on this mindset. But few are as despicable as Andrew Tate. Behind the scenes, there's a dark truth, both violent and disturbing. He's more than just an influencer with a taste for cocaine and cigars. He's a con artist, a violent psychopath, a sex trafficker, and a rapist, and he's been telling us that all along.

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Just Another Sunny Day in Romania

On December 29, Romanian officials announced that they had raided Andrew Tate's Bucharest villa. He and his brother Tristan were arrested on human trafficking and rape charges along with two others who had been involved in their crimes. According to a spokesperson for the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), 'The four suspects... appear to have created an organised crime group with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialised websites for a cost.'

They said that he was using the loverboy method. He would lure women in online, pretending to develop a romantic interest in them, then ask them to move to Romania. When they did, they would be held captive and forced to create pornography under threat of violence. 

This is the third investigation against him. The first that we know of was in 2015 when a group of women accused him of rape and physical abuse in the UK. He would choke them, beat them, and force them to have sex with him. There are voice messages where he talks about how much he enjoyed sexually assaulting them.

On April 11, 2022, the Tate brothers were taken in after a man called the American embassy, claiming that his girlfriend was being held captive. Their villa was raided, and two of the women there claimed they were being held against their will. It bears mentioning that Romania is notoriously corrupt. It has a reputation for giving rich criminals free reign, even when it comes to the most heinous crimes against humanity. Andrew and his brother were released the next day, but authorities do claim that they continued to look into the matter.  

The brothers have not been released since their most recent arrest. Authorities petitioned to have them held for one month, deeming them a flight risk. The brothers appealed that decision, but the courts were unconvinced. It's obvious the authorities mean business. The brothers' major assets--including Tate's beloved fleet of cars--were seized, purportedly to fund the investigation against them. Now they are looking at the honest, well-intentioned trial their victims should've received in the first place. Andrew's response to this? He claims that he was abducted by the matrix's agents, using what is most certainly a contraband phone purchased off of the black market.

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How did we get here?

The real problem here is that Andrew's fans are refusing to do even a basic Google search to vet his character. It would be easy, if we simply read a few of his tweets or watched a ten second clip, to mistake him for a hyper-masculine self-help guru. He's known for his quotes, essentially telling people to man up and take responsibility for their lives. He wants his fans to be motivated and powerful, to reclaim the masculine prowess they've been robbed of, and rise to the top. It is empowering in a thuggish sort of way. It's supposed to be a reactionary response to what they believe to be a woke culture oppressing straight men. They see people talking about the LGBTQ+ anagram and ranting about toxic masculinity, and they roll their eyes. Andrew gives them the validation they need to remain in ignorance. He's also trying to convince them that they can be wealthy--a mindset aspiring cocaine dealers and pimps can really get behind. 

He even started a program called Hustler's University, built off of the idea that it's easy to get rich. According to Tate, so long as you're not a complete idiot, there's no reason why you shouldn't have millions of dollars in the bank. People are flocking to this message, paying for his courses en masse. Hustler's University is purportedly one of the largest online educational platforms in the world, but it's not what it seems.

The school does offer legitimate courses. They teach things like freelancing, copywriting, and investments--all relatively simple ways to start making a quick buck--if you know what you're doing. But it's also a pyramid scheme, and it's the reason why Tate has become so popular over the past few years. Andrew is known as one of the most Googled influencers in 2022. He's been banned from basically every platform he's used, partially because he posts violent, anti-female rhetoric. So instead of taking it like man, he decided that he would incentivize his students to post about him online. They will spam TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, spreading violent quotes and semi-philosophical rants, and add a Hustler's University link in the description. According to Tate, if someone clicks on that link and signs up for classes, they will receive a portion of their tuition fee. Obviously, he is manipulating algorithms and scamming people into shameless promotion. It's blatant. Anyone who is willing to pay the fee to join the university can see what he's doing, and he's adamantly denying it.

Self Snitching

Andrew Tate started out as a kickboxer. He was good at what he did. He knows how to hurt people, and that is a trait he values greatly. But he wasn't able to gain real fame until 2016 when he appeared on the reality TV series Big Brother. He was promptly removed from the house when footage of him beating a woman was leaked online. The video is too graphic to post or link to. But it is readily available, and it's one of the most disturbing things you'll ever see. In it, he ordered a woman to show the camera her bruises, which he subsequently counted out. She did as she was asked before rushing into the bathroom and locking herself in. He came after her, banging on the door, saying he was going to beat her. When she finally does come out, he manhandles her, then grabs a belt, bends her over his knees, and starts whipping her. 

The woman did eventually say that their relationship was consensual, but he left marks all over her body. In what universe is it acceptable to get off on beating your girlfriend, consensually or otherwise? She didn't seem to like it one bit. She looked terrified. She was probably coerced into making her statement. His female victims have a history of recanting their claims against him. He'll gaslight them, use the old jealousy excuse, and his followers will buy into it, because it fits their worldview. It's the basic abusive pattern we've seen time and time again; yet somehow, it still works. People are always more willing to believe that victims are lying. It's often the first conclusion people come to when someone begs them for help. That's why cases like this are rarely prosecuted.

Andrew's taken advantage of this mindset before. He was banned from most social media platforms when he said that women bear some responsibility for rape. He swears up and down that his comments were taken out of context, and he's done many interviews where he's tried to clarify them. When he does, he simply repeats the same old victim-shaming line that so many women hear when they go to the authorities for help. He says women need to dress differently. They should avoid walking around at night. It's not acceptable to act like sexual assault is something women should expect--especially when you're spreading misogynistic views--and when it does happen to them, uttering a single word of blame is tantamount to a human rights atrocity. The idea might sound reasonable to some, but when you're sitting on a gurney and someone is refusing to investigate, acting like it's your fault, you'll understand why deflecting blame is considered to be one of the cruelest things a person can do.

There's no debate. Thugs and crypto-hustlers might have trouble reading full sentences. They prefer to stick to Andrew's quick clips, but once you scratch beneath the surface and actually watch a full-length video, you will see Andrew Tate very clearly detailing his sex-trafficking operation. He calls it a webcam business. According to him, it began when he borrowed a large sum of money from a group of loan sharks. He wasted all of it at the casino and locked himself in his room, refusing to come out until he came up with a way to make money. 

He claims that he had girlfriends all over the world and that he was able to coerce several of them into starting a webcam operation and handing over the money. Some of the women left, but some of them stayed. He expanded operations with his brother Tristan, who told the Mirror that it was all a scam. They would have women tell fake sob stories--maybe they'd act like they were fundraising for the life-saving surgery or their grandma died, and they were trying to raise money for a funeral. According to Tristan, they can get away with it because the websites say that it is for entertainment purposes only. People would hand them their life savings, then they'd go to the press laughing about it. They're completely shameless. They don't care who they hurt or who they have to lie to; they were destroying lives, and it didn't phase them one bit.

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Andrew likes running his mouth. God knows why. Maybe he gets manic or maybe he likes cocaine a little bit too much. It's probably a combination of both. The signs are there. He'll make wild statements; he'd call himself the most intelligent man alive, or he'd talk about how he's invincible. He also has a habit of letting things slip. When he's talking about his webcam business, he won't admit that he's forcing women to record pornography under threat of violence. But he's stupid enough to talk about how women aren't allowed to leave his house. Keep in mind when you watch the video below that numerous women in two countries have accused him of holding them against his will. That includes women that were found at his house and several other properties at the time of the raid.

Andrew doesn't even have to admit to holding them prisoner. He does; don't get that twisted, and he treats them like animals. When Vice visited his home in their most recent documentary, he had women cleaning his house and serving his drinks wearing skimpy outfits. That's above and beyond. Trafficking doesn't necessarily entail any of those things. So long as there's some form of coercion, force, or fraud, he can be charged.

In a video for Hustlers University, he went over ways to manipulate webcam girls into thinking they need him. At first, he said, they do need him. If they want to succeed, they have to find a way to get views online, and he can make that happen. But at some point, they are capable of working independently. He claims that he keeps them hooked by committing tax fraud. He only works with sites that pay in Bitcoin, so he's not actually paying taxes. But he's telling the women that he is. That's how he turns 30% cut into a 50% cut, and that's if he pays them at all. If a woman comes to him and tells him that they want to quit, he'll hand them a fake tax form with a bill showing that they owe him an exorbitant amount of money. 

He says this works because women are too stupid to understand taxes. That's a man's job. He even likened his business to the way actual pimps--stereotypical human traffickers--run things, and he's right. Pimps will find all sorts of ways to keep their girls hooked.

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When we talk about taxes and coercion, we start to get into murky, fake news territory. Is he holding women hostage or is he scamming them? Andrew hasn't been consistent about his business model. He's told a lot of conflicting information, which is also in line with the cocaine and bipolar mania theory. In one video, he'll go over the finer points of smacking your bitch up; in another, he will detail his Bitcoin scam. But we know the truth. He does make them work for free. He admitted that in his most recent Vice documentary when he was asked about the loverboy method. 

He's essentially using the internet to recruit girls, pretending to be in love with them. He will feel them out, make sure that they're willing to do the work, and do everything he can to bring them to Romania. He likened it to building a harem, using historic examples of polygamy to justify what he considers a string of romantic relationships. But the sexual and romantic elements simply aren't there. To him, sex is just a means of control. It's not his goal. He just wants to find someone to work for him.

When asked about how much he pays the girls, he said that relationships typically have a breadwinner--a stay-at-home thug, and a group of unpaid captives with bruises all over their bodies. He said he doesn't pay them, but he does give them a life, nice clothes, and nice things. That is the truth. Ignore the tax forms and coercion. If he can get away with holding them prisoner, he will. That's who he is.

The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate keeps a sword in his living room, which he used as a metaphor in his podcast. He said that if he wants something, he can intimidate the women in his life with it, and they're more likely to listen to him. It's like a six-year-old with a stick. He is a man-child, which is probably why he appeals to young boys--street thugs and wannabe gangsters--the kids with issues, as well as the kids that want to feel empowered. It's gotten so bad that people all over the world are claiming that they don't know what to do with their children. They're hooked on a human trafficker, learning how to treat women like possessions, and it's almost impossible to make them see the truth. 

It's the power of misinformation. It's contagious. It latches on, warps the mind, and it doesn't let go. If an idea is well-publicized, even if it's something as ridiculous as the flat earth conspiracy, people will treat it like religious gospel. The most dangerous men in our society today know that. They know how to spread propaganda, and it's destroying everything. They have to be stopped. 

That's why schools in the UK have decided to start teaching their students about Andrew, his misogynistic views, and the lies he's been telling online. Tate's supporters hate the program. They've been railing on it left and right, claiming that the matrix and the liberals are attempting to brainwash their kids. But if they don't do something, his ideas will spread. They've already caused untold amounts of damage. For those outside the UK, try to talk to your children. Teach them to respect the women in their lives. Let them know that violence is never acceptable, and instill in them an appreciation for those who make an honest living. We have to fight this and all other forms of online misinformation.

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