American Reality Competition TV Series ‘Domino Masters’ Drops on March 9 on Fox

American Reality Competition TV Series ‘Domino Masters’ Drops on March 9 on Fox

Vivian Mwikali
March 08 2022 - 03:32pm

Domino Masters sets for a Wednesday, March 9 premiere on Fox, pending several YouTube previews. The American reality gameshow series features teams tasked with setting up projects from rectangular blocks and kinetic devices. In each episode, the teams must meet creative and practical goals for the challenge.

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More About The Show

Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family's veteran, will host the show, while Danica McKellar, Vernon Davis and Steven Price serve as the judges. Each winning team chosen by the judges will advance to the next round. The top teams will then compete for the $ 100,000, the title of Domino Masters and a Domino Masters trophy.

The show's first episode: 'Qualifiers: Sports Night', will debut on Wednesday, March 9, on FOX. The second episode: 'Qualifiers: Holidays', will premiere on March 16, while the third: 'Qualifiers: Time Travel', will premiere on March 23. 

The show was first announced in March last year, with Stonestreet set to serve as the host. Domino Masters' recent Twitter post on February 15 reads, '#DominoMasters premieres March 9 on @FoxTV. Keep up to date with the show over at @RealityClubFox!”

Meet the 16 Teams

The teams that will compete head-to-head in the game show consist of:

Back Breakers- Michael Fantauzzo (22), Doug Pieschel (69) and Matt VanVleck (26).

Bad Boys Big Toys- Scott Cortus (39), Nick Netta (32) and Elando Baltimore (40).

Brains and Brawn- Chris Wright (24), Emma Renner (24) and Ben Tardiff (30).

Bearded Buddies- Paul McCaffrey (61), Jared Lyon (43) and James ‘Junior’ Roth (51).

Bi-Coastal Brainiacs- Nate Omaivboje (21), Kayla Smart (29) and DiAngelo Soriano (22).

Charlie’s Angles- Kelly Tucker (28), Inga Woods (29) and Ruby Houchens (20).

Construction Crew- Luke Greenway (29), Nick Greene (42) and Hugh Benjamin (51).

Dominators- DeMond Nason (42), Michael Carrasquillo (37) and Breenae Washington (32).

The OG Topplers- Paul Nelson (58), Scott Suket (58) and Greg Berkin (58).

Wonder Woman- Farah Bajwa (39), NIasia Williams (27) and Brianne Martin (31). 

Runs in the Family- John Wickham (60), Kristine Kazian (37) and Brian Kazian (38).

Teen Topplers- Alex Nickel (20), Victoria Bahary (19) and Nathan Heck (20).

Triathletes- Claudius Mbemba (29), Evan Voeltner (20) and Stevens Cadet (29).

Dominerds- Derek Kropps (21), Lyle Broughton (23) and Alex Koops (21).

Mechanical Maverick- Gabe Dean (21), Rachel Wess (27) and Tanek Ballachanda (23).

Rocket Science- Gloria Robinson (64), Robert Dehate (51) and Rick Mascheck (69).

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