Age is Just a Number: Taye Diggs’ ‘Back in the Groove’ Season One Proves

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> Age is Just a Number: Taye Diggs’ ‘Back in the Groove’ Season One Proves

Hulu just provided a first look and trailer for its upcoming dating show, Back in the Groove, starring Brooke, Steph, and Sparkle. 

The show will be hosted by Taye Diggs, an American actor popularly known for his incredible performance in All American, The Best Man franchise and Chicago. 

What’s ‘Back in the Groove’ Season One About?

Hulu’s Back in the Groove follows a format slightly similar to other popular dating shows such as Too Hot to Handle. 

With a blend of drama, gossip, romance, and self-love, the upcoming season will focus on three fortyish ladies searching for young love and happiness, while trying to relive their youthful days. 

The series lines up Brooke aged 42 from L.A., Steph aged 41 from Miami, and Sparkle aged 43 from Atlanta.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Back in the Groove’ Season One?

Yes! It’s been a week since Hulu posted the official trailer for the first season of Back in the Groove. The trailer’s 1 minute and 21 seconds begin with Taye Digg’s welcome to The Groove Hotel, alongside 24 incredible young men excited to date older women. 

The trio is super happy to meet their heart desires, try all the flavors, and bring back their youthful days. Back in the Groove promises more than just drama- love, romance, healing, and learning.

Who Produces ‘Back in the Groove’?

Back in the Groove will be hosted by Taye Diggs, who also serves as a chief producer with Shannon Stoeke, John Luscombe, Michael Krupat, Evan Wilkes, Sonya Wilkes, and Bill Dixon. 

The show is a co-project of Beyond Media Right Ltd and Disney Television Alternative. Back in the Groove marks Hulu’s first unscripted original from Walt Disney Television Alternative. 

Although Hulu hasn’t revealed the list of the male contestants, other sources have stated Quentin Lloyd and Tashi Thukhotsong to be among the 24.

When is ‘Back in the Groove’ Season One Coming Out?

The first season of Back in the Groove will officially launch on Monday, December 5th, exclusively on Hulu

The season will land with the first two episodes, followed by double weekly releases until December 8th, accumulating to eight episodes.