A Tribute To Doomed Love: 16 Touching Illustrations of “Sad Movie Couples”


There’s nothing better than seeing a tempestuous relationship on the big screen. And here we have the greatest tribute to those doomed loves of Hollywood. "Sad Movie Couples" by Colombian illustrator Alejandro Giraldo is about unhappy or separated couples we know from popular movies: Han and Leia, Jack and Rose, Margot and Richie, Tom and Summer and many more! Before scrolling down, sorry for reminding you that things didn’t end very well for your favorite movie couple…

1. Jack and Rose - Titanic

2. Han Solo and Princess Leia - Star Wars

3. Margot and Richie -The Royal Tenenbaums

4. Chuck and Wilson - Cast Away

5. Tom and Summer - 500 Days of Summer

6. Léon and Mathilda - Léon: The Professional

7. Bob and Charlotte - Lost in Translation

8. Edward and Kim - Edward Scissorhands

9. Paulie and Juno - Juno

10. Tyler Durden and Marla Singer - Fight Club

11. Sam and Suzy - Moonrise Kingdom

12. Jack and Wendy - The Shining

13. Gomez and Morticia - The Addams Family

14. Forrest and Jenny - Forrest Gump

15. Joel and Clementine - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

16. Theodore and Samantha - Her

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