A Child’s Nightmare: How did Peppa Pig die?

> A Child’s Nightmare: How did Peppa Pig die?

The British cartoon series Peppa Pig is as wholesome as it gets, but a recent take published in Wattapad is about to change that.

Author Yuki Sazuki contributed a macabre entry to the section 'Time to Ruin Your Childhood' that guarantees you will never see Peppa Pig in the same light again. 

Sazuki has written everything that you would not expect from a children’s cartoon- mass murder, death, sickness, poverty, suicide, homelessness and even euthanasia.

Peppa Pig - Not Very Well (full episode)

It begins with a dark premise of how the idyllic setting of Peppa’s life is actually a made up reality of Peppa’s grandmother- perhaps as a way to deal with the tragedy that this fan fiction piece had crafted for her family

It begins with Peppa being a sickly child and her parents injecting her with poison as an act of mercy to stop her suffering. 

This would’ve been very confusing for children, if it ever found its way in a Peppa Pig episode. 

But this is only the beginning of the misery that will soon befall Peppa’s family and friends.

Daddy Pig couldn’t cope and killed his wife and son George before slitting his own throat. Grandpa Pig on the other hand was caught in the collapse of Peppa’s treehouse, killing him almost instantly.

Peppa’s friends were also not spared- Suzy the sheep was run over by Mr. Zebra’s truck and was killed. Mr. Zebra lost everything because of the accident, including his source of livelihood and his family. He died homeless roaming the streets.

The Dogs- Danny and Grandad both drowned, while Mummy Dog perished in a garage accident.

Pedro Pony was drowned by bullies, Chloe Pig committed suicide when she did not get the gift she was expecting, and Madame Gazelle and her pupils perish in a fire.

Sazuki then wraps up the story by finally killing off Granny Pig who narrated her story to Patrik. Patrik in turn sells the story to Nickelodeon. 

This version of Peppa Pig is certainly for mature audiences only, with a triggering effect for some who are dealing with depression. It does however prove that it has seeped so deeply into the consciousness of this generation that its fans are able to take the narrative and make it their own.