A Brief Explanation Of The Biggest Mystery: Building The Pyramids!


Everyone knows something about the mysterious pyramids in Egypt. The pyramids are reflected as miraculous structures most of the time. Some took these claims really far by claiming that the aliens built the pyramids. It is possible to come up with imaginary stories and urban legends like anything else in history. What is the mystery behind these Pyramids? Is there any grounded explanation? Well, there is.

Introductory information on the subject


The pyramids are believed to have been built around 2500 B.C. Though this sounds like a million years ago, there were other civilizations around Anatolia and Mesopotamia. The heights of those pyramids were variable. For instance, the Khufu pyramid inside Giza is 140 meters long. Each pharaoh wanted to surpass the rulers who came before them. This is the reason why the pyramids grew bigger and bigger.

Are pyramids unique?


The main reason behind building pyramids is to show respect to the pharaohs who passed away. The pyramids can be considered to be the tombs of those pharaohs. There were similar tombs around the Anatolia region years before the pyramids were built around Egypt. The pyramids also strongly resemble the Tumulus graves that were built by Phrygians. These tumuluses were not built over the ground but the idea behind them was similar.

How were those heavy stones made?


Each of those stone blocks that were used to make the pyramid Khufu weighed around 2.5 tons. The location of the pyramid was no coincidence since there was a limestone bed nearby. The workers cut rectangular pieces from the limestone bed. They carried these stone blocks and loaded them into a carriage. They pulled the stones until they reached to the building site. As one might expect, a lot of workers were injured and even died during the process. The bones and remains around the pyramids indicate that unfortunate fact.

How many people worked to build those gigantic pyramids?


There were a lot of guesses and opinions about the pyramids. These findings indicate that around 10,000 people participated in the process of building the pyramids. Science decided to stay silent as they don't have scientific proof on the subject. The archaeological research on the site has brought more explanation to the surface. According to these findings, 1,200 people were required to pull one single limestone piece. Each of these pieces were pulled by 20 people. It is believed that around 700 people were responsible for pulling the stones. The findings also indicate that these people were not slaves. They were workers who earned money for their labor. Some of these workers agreed to work so that they could pay off their taxes to the government.

Construction Process


The most important thing about the construction was to find the exact location of the pyramids. This was not a problem for Egyptians who were masters of geometry and math. The construction got more and more difficult and the stones started to rise. The Egyptians didn't invent a machine to carry those heavy stones, which grew to over 140 meters high. They used their minds and trusted the science of math to solve this problem.

The Solution was obviously the science


It was impossible to move and carry the stones, which weighed around 2.5 tons each. The Egyptians found a clever solution to this problem. If the stone blocks couldn't be moved, the ground should be lifted up. This way, the workers started to build bumps around the construction site. As the pyramids rise, they added more soil around the construction in order to reach out. The stone blocks only had to be pulled upwards from those leaning paths. The process went on rapidly as many people worked accordingly at the site.

Reaching out to the summit


The construction of a single pyramid took around 15-20 years with these techniques the Egyptians developed. The pharaohs requested the construction of the pyramids when they were still alive. When the last stone blocks are placed, the pathways around the pyramids were cleared. Removing those pathways took another few years and thus the construction of a single pyramid is finished. 

Consequently, the Egyptians weren't involved with anything paranormal, like aliens or giants, in order to build those gigantic pyramids. The Egyptians created these legendary tombs successfully through using the principals of geometry, mathematics and physics.

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