9 Countries And Their Unique Street Fight Styles!

9 Countries And Their Unique Street Fight Styles!

Ken Adams
June 20 2016 - 04:39pm

Even though the results are pretty much the same, the way street fights develop differ from country to country. In some cases, this difference is so much more than you've imagined!

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1. American style

Lots of one on one action, followed by pushing each other at first. The event usually starts with a hard punch. People don't mess with the fight unless someone's about to collapse and die. No group fights, and if you want to walk away safely, don't mess with others after you're done with your fight!

As we see here, it's another one on one fight and lots of punching takes place. Then the police officer literally deals a killing blow!

2. German style

Pretty similar to American fights, but group fighting often happens. Even though you have 5-10 people fighting together, each person deals with one target instead of ganging up on one victim. The sides can break up randomly when they think they've had enough.

As we see here, a fierce fight almost ends with loving hugs...But of course, when Oktoberfest or Neo-Nazis come to play, things go a wee bit crazy!

3. Russian style

This is the most complex fighting style we have here. It can be broken down into 4 different categories. First, we have the drunk fight. Nothing is certain in this one and people don't really hurt each other during this 'fight.'

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Next up, jokers...It all starts with simple jokes but then that talented ninja within them comes screaming out!

Here, we have the unpredictable fight. A typical Russian style. You won't see anything but a flash on your eyes. Next thing you know, you're lying there on the street. This one is really first come first served!

Last we have the pretenders...One side pretends he can beat the other and makes the first move. 99% of the time, the first side takes a huge beating. Or you know, pass out after the first punch! YIKES!

4. Italian style

These are more organized events. Remember those 'I'll see you after school.' threats? Pretty much sums up the Italians. Everyone is well prepared and then hell breaks loose. Still, it's usually one on one, but severe damage its highly probable.

More serious fights happen after a looooooong loooong series of conversations, and then it's every man for himself. Usually, the foreplay lasts 59 minutes and the real thing lasts 1 minute. Sound familiar?

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5. Canadian style

Canadians don't really like messing with each other. (Surprised?) It's more verbal, maybe a punch or two and that's it. They have serious water and pillow fights but they're not worth mentioning here.

They're so peaceful that sometimes they organize fake fights in their back garden just to blow off some steam. Even for that, there will be at least 10 other people to break them apart.

6. British style

We're not going to talk about the hooligans because that's just plain brutal and inhumane. However, other pubs or regular fights usually take place where there are lots of witnesses and certain planning took place. British fights usually end with both sides covered with bruises and blood.

7. Indian style

Indian fights are complete chaos. You can't tell who fights whom and for what?! It's just hitting the person next to you, and every second, more and more people jump into the action. It sometimes becomes a vicious cycle because after fighting some time, the next candidate comes and keeps going at it.

Another perfect Indian street fight example is the one that happens in traffic. These ones also happen quickly and there will be others participating soon enough!

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And this is a family fight. Do notice the cow and how it judges them!

8. Arabian style

Arabs like chaos as well, but unlike Indian fights, you'll know who you're fighting with. Also yes, women do fight fiercely when it's time!

But what causes all these fights? Take a look at this and then slooowly scroll down...

And that's it. He just blocks the way for no reason and of course, all the others get mad!

9. Turkish style

Turkish fights are like the complete hybrid. It involves planning, one to one or 99 to 99 insta fights and many more fantasy moves. 

Here, we have ninjas jumping from the window and joining the fight...

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People trying to gang up on a professional boxer and failing miserably...

Or defending your shop by any means necessary...Including over 100% accuracy with those bottles. CHECK THAT TRIPLE KILL! 

These guys really mean it when they want to fight!

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