7 Year Old Girl With Alopecia Rocks Her Unique Style On Crazy Hair Day


This 7 year-old beauty queen was diagnosed with alopecia, a disease that causes hair to fall off, not so long ago. This didn't stop her from being happy or rocking the crazy hair day at her school. She has lessons to teach you!

Gianessa Wride is a 7 year old girl from Utah, USA.

Gianessa was diagnosed with alopecia earlier this year. This didn't stop her from showing her beautiful smile to the world!

“There is no cure or medication she can take,” her mom, Daniella said to BoredPanda.


They can do pill steroids, but once she stops taking them the hair falls out again.”

On crazy hair day at her school, Daniella's mom came up with an amazing idea and Giannessa loved it!


Her mother put dazzling stone stickers on her head. Doesn't she look fabulous?

Gienessa is beautiful as the way she is, but we bet she made everybody jealous on the crazy hair day!

Her mom says she's a very happy kid, we can see that her happiness shines through her face.


Gianessa proved us being unique is not a bad thing but it's the secret of real beauty.


She looks even more dazzling than those shiny stones!


And she has the style!

Keep on rocking girl!!!

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