Ricegum Net Worth: 6 Things About Ricegum’s Life and Wealth

> Ricegum Net Worth: 6 Things About Ricegum’s Life and Wealth

If you frequented Youtube in 2015, then you would probably know who Ricegum is. Ricegum is a famous Youtuber and musician who is known for his videos that are usually centered on diss tracks, unbelievable pranks, and just anything that lists anyone that “should be stopped”.

1. Ricegum was a highschool basketball player

Born as Bryan Quang Le to Vietnamese and Chinese parents on November 19, 1996, Ricegum had a usual childhood. He attended Sierra Vista High School and was actually part of the school’s basketball team. After graduating from high school, he entered the University of Nevada, Las Vegas but only attended for one semester. This decision was made because he wanted to pursue a full time career as an online personality.

2. He started as a gaming content creator but soon transitioned to comedy

In the beginning of his Youtube career, Ricegum posted videos on his channel about Call of Duty but those videos barely got any views before his fame. Soon after, he transitioned to comedy videos which boosted his popularity.

3. His most popular video involves roasting other people’s videos

It might sound bad but that is what launched Ricegum’s career— roasting and making fun of other people’s videos that were posted on His most popular video “THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED!” has a whopping 15 million views. Just imagine earning a lot of views and revenue just by making fun of other people! It’s safe to say that Ricegum unlocked the secret to earning big while having fun.

4. He is given credit as the first Youtuber to use diss tracks to roast celebrities

Ricegum did not stop roasting common people for his content. Now while those kinds of videos always gained a lot of views on his channel, he also roasted some celebrities. His video “Its EveryNight Sis” is a diss track directed to fellow Youtuber Jake Paul. The video has 194 million views as of today.

5. He is a rap artist

Because Ricegum saw potential in his diss tracks, he used his popularity to launch himself in Hollywood’s music scene. His first diss track actually debuted at number 80 in the Billboard Hot 100 list! From there on out, he continually released tracks that often targeted other artists. His songs also include “God Church”, “Frick da Police”, and “Naughty or Nice”.

6. He already has a high net worth before he quit Youtube

In 2020, Ricegum was dubbed as “King of Clickbait '' and was also accused of copying and stealing content from other creators. Aside from that he was involved in an online rift with another Youtuber named iDubbbz. The fight got so big that Ricegum even threatened to kill iDubbbz whose real name is Ian Carter. From there, Ricegum’s career started to decline and he hasn’t posted a video since July of 2020.

Nevertheless, Ricegum still amassed an $8 million fortune by being an online personality for five years, along with his passive ads and sponsorships through other social media accounts.

Do you think Ricegum will still make a comeback and redeem his fame and fortune, and possibly make his net worth bigger?