50 Cent Speaks on Social Media's Role in Hip Hop violence

50 Cent Speaks on Social Media's Role in Hip Hop violence

Jack J
November 11 2022 - 02:02am

50 Cent has spoken about social media's links to what could be seen as rising violence in the hip hop world.

The legendary rapper spoke about the topic on his new TV show, 'Hip Hop Homicides,' which investigates the deaths of several rappers.

The show focuses on the deaths of some well known rappers, including pop Smoke and XXXTentacion.

In the TV show, 50 speaks about how easy it is for bystanders to film violent incidents and post them to social media nowadays.

The rapper and now TV producer believes that this fact has changed how violence within the hip hop community looks to others.

“I think it’s the same energy but we’re in a different period so it looks different,' 50 Cent said, according to news site HotNewHipHop.

'It’s gonna happen where everyone can take a look on camera,” he added.

“Because of social media, everyone’s involved now,' he continued, speaking about the fascination with those from more privleged backgrounds hold for violent incidents involving famous rappers.

50 believes that the likes and views that people receive for posting violent incidents involving well known people from the hip hop world is what fuels social media users to continue to upload similar content.

'Because those kids in middle America are clicking the fucking button to look and are fascinated with the killings because they’re living on a side so wild compared to the conservative lifestyle they’re having,” he explained.

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Hip Hop Homicides examines the numerous unsolved murders in the rap community in an attempt to 'uncover the details of what really happened,' according to the show's page.

Reviews on the website have averaged the show at a high 7.5 out of 10 so far.

The series, which is now available to stream on multiple platforms, consists of separate episodes which each delve into the murder of a hip hop star.

The show is presented by African American host and media personality Van Lathan.

The upcoming episode of the show's debut season, episode 3, will investigate the homicide of New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty.

Shorty was sampled on Drake's 2018 mega hit 'In My Feelings,' so may be well known to audiences who await the episode on 17th November.

The show is 50 cent's latest offering as a TV mogul. the rapper turned TV CEO has serious success with the hit series 'Power,' which is still ongoing on Prime Video.

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