50 Cent Believes Eminem Deserves More Credit from The Rap Game

50 Cent Believes Eminem Deserves More Credit from The Rap Game

Jack J
October 19 2022 - 05:34pm

50 Cent believes that Eminem does not get enough credit from the hip hop community, according to a new interview.

Fifty was talking on 'Ebro In The Morning,' when he claimed that the Detroit rapper does not get kudos for the positive impact he had on hip hop culture and widening its reach across the globe.

The interview, which took place on Tuesday, saw 50 cent drop in to promote his new TV show, 'Hip Hop Homicides.'

During the chat with Ebro, the rapper claimed that the rap scene is a lot more violent now than when he was coming up in the game.

“The violence has always been in those communities,” Fifty explained.

“It’s just now, the visibility of it is there and it connects to Hip Hop culture,' he added, 'Because look, we the fastest growing genre of music. You can’t miss us.”

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Following that point, the Queens rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, got to talking about Eminem.

Fifty said Eminem, who celebrated his 50th birthday last week and had his song 'Godzilla,' reach a billion streams on Spotify, helped make rap music more accessible and helped the genre to its current peak.

“I don’t think that they give Em the credit that he deserves,” Fifty stated, “Because, in order for people to embrace something, they have to see where they fit in.”

“I think part of Eminem’s legacy is the growth of our culture,' he continued, 'People wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t see where they fit into it.'

Fifty claimed Eminem, born Marshall Mathers, is a 'legitimate artist,' because of his rags to riches story, captured in his 2002 movie '8 Mile.'

'When you’re look at 8 Mile, you’re seeing a Black story with a white lead. You seeing poverty, you’re seeing [similar] circumstances,' Fifty said

'Look at his friends Proof and D-12 and everybody: these are real Hip Hop guys. Which is why he’s a real Hip Hop guy,” he commented.

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The now TV producer joined the likes of Royce Da 5'9 and Chuck D in shouting out Em for his birthday.

He also claimed that music mogul Jimmy Iovine was a 'Genius,' for pairing Eminem with Dr Dre to give him more street cred in what was essentially an African American pursuit.

Of course its only natural that 50 Cent would sing the praises of Eminem.

After all it was Mathers and Dr Dre that discovered Fifty and gave him his big break by signing him to the Aftermath label in 2002.

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