29 Shockingly Messed Up Diseases!

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There is no such thing as a fun disease, of course, and there are some that are very interesting in a more "WTF?" way. Although malnourishment, using medications and migraines are common everyday things, these might sometimes lead to such diseases that are so unique that we couldn't imagine them even if we wanted to.

There are also some psychiatric and genetic diseases that are just very, very bad luck. 

We hope that cures will be found as soon as possible and people won't have to suffer from such diseases. 

Y'all take care of yourselves!

1. Boanthropy


People who suffer from this disease believe that they are a cow or an ox.

2. Fish smell syndrome

This genetic disease, which is also known as Trimethylaminuria, causes a rotten fish or trash-like body odor. There is no treatment for this disease yet, however following a diet, using antibiotics and taking vitamin B2 is known to alleviate the symptoms.

3. Food allergy


The immune systems overreact to every kind of food. Symptoms include itching, tongue swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing.

4. Proteus Syndrome

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When the skin, bones, muscles, fat tissues, blood and lymph vessels overgrow, tumors start to form in the body. The bones in the limbs, skull and spine are usually affected. People who suffer from this disease have a short life expectancy because of the flawed structure of their blood vessels, which leads to deep venous thrombosis and lung embolism. Other symptoms include mental retardation, paralysis and vision loss. The number of known cases is more than 200.

5. Hypertricosis (Warewolf syndrome)


This disease is characterized by an abnormal amount of hair growth on the body. It has two types: excessive hair is observed on the whole body or just in some specific area. There is no known treatment for this disease, that's why the patients either shave very often or prefer to remove the hair permanently. This syndrome is also observed in cats. A Persian cat named Atchoum became quite popular in media once.

6. Progeria

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Progeria, which is a rare genetic disorder, manifests itself as early aging in children. The children who suffer from this disease die because of heart disease or paralysis. The average life expectancy is 13, but  while some can live until 20 or longer, some others pass away at an even younger age. This disease affects around 4 million babies in the world.

7. Persistent genital arousal disorder


This disease manifests itself as spontaneous or continuous genital stimulation. The symptoms include orgasm, wetness or erection; but not necessarily all. This has nothing to do with sexual appetite. Reaching orgasm can be relieving for a while.

8. Lima syndrome


This one is the exact opposite of Stockholm syndrome: abductors develop sympathy for their hostages.

9. Harlequin-type ichthyosis

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This is very heavy, genetic skin disease causes the epidermis corona to become thicker. When the baby is born, it is covered in white, thick skin layers that are separated by cracks. Various defects are observed in the patient's skull and face. Some patients may even lack ears and a nose, or have under-developed ears and nose. The babies who are born with this disease experience bleeding during the birth.

As their thick and cracked skin blocks normal heat loss, the patients are affected by temperature changes a lot more. Because of the skin that blocks the chest wall from rising and sucking enough air, there are also problems with breathing that can cause hyperventilation and respiratory insufficiency. As the skin isn't suitable for preserving water, the patients usually experience dehydration.

10. Koro syndrome


Koro syndrome is a psychiatric disorder where the patients constantly fear that their penis is shrinking. People suffering from this disease are convinced that they will die once their genitalia disappears. This syndrome is mostly seen in India, China and Japan.

11. Stevens-Johnson Sydrome (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis)

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In this disease, cell death causes epidermis to be separated from the skin. It usually starts off with fever, sore throat and fatigue. Tissue deterioration is observed in the mouth and lips, as well as the genital and anal regions. The lesions in the mouth are especially painful. Eating or drinking becomes almost impossible. This disease can be caused by various medications or infections and can also be genetic.

12. Kuru Disease


This disease, which is seen in the Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea, presents itself as an unstoppable laughing sickness. Kuru, which is caused by cannibalism, is a deteriorating, fatal disease. The common symptoms include decrease in muscle control, deformation, speech problems, shaking, emotional instability and depression.

13. Argyria


This disease follows from exposure to silver or silver dust compounds. The patient's skin turns into blue or a blueish grey.

14. The Jumping Frenchmen


People who suffer from this syndrome react abnormally to regular stimuli with sudden movements of their limbs. Jumping, shouting, punching and kicking are some of the frequently observed symptoms.

15. Apotemnophilia


The people suffering from this disease, which is a type of masochism, feel an obsessive urge to cut off their limbs.

16. Lycanthropy


People who suffer from this delusional disease believe that they are turning (or might turn) into an animal.

17. Hyperdontia

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Hyperdontia is the condition of having supernumerary teeth, or teeth that appear in addition to the regular number of teeth.

18. Water allergy


The skin parts that are exposed to water hurt and turn red. It has nothing to do with the temperature or the chlorine or florin levels of the water.

19. Foreign Accent Syndrome


The patients start speaking in a foreign accent all of a sudden. As they can't properly pronounce the words, it seems that they have a different accent. This disease usually follows after paralysis, head trauma, migraine or developmental problems.

20. Elephantiasis

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This is a parasite infection that causes body parts to grow abnormally. Most of the people don't show external symptoms, but their lymph and immune systems get damaged. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes carrying infected larva. It is mostly seen in South Eastern Asia, India, Africa and South America.

21. Walking Corpse Syndrome (Cotard Syndrome)

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The patients believe that they are dead. Most people suffering from this syndrome think that some of their organs or most of their body don't exist.

22. Lion Face Syndrome

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This syndrome, which isn't a disease by itself, can be a signal for other diseases, including Paget. The face bones overgrow and this can lead to vision loss. Problems with breathing and eating can also be observed.

23. Congenital insensitivity to pain

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People who suffer from this inborn disease, don't and have never felt physical pain; which makes this disease more dangerous, especially in childhood. These children may break their bones or bite their lips and tongues without realizing. As the patients can't feel any kind of physical pain, it is more difficult for them to detect the symptoms of many other diseases they might be having.

24. Self-cannibalism

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People suffering from this disease feel the urge to hurt themselves by biting and swallowing their own body parts. This can be accompanied by schizophrenia, psychosis or Lesch–Nyhan Syndrome.

25. Erotomania


A delusion in which a person believes that a celebrity (or someone of higher status) is secretly in love with them.

26. Fregoli Syndrom


It is the name of the delusion in which a person believes that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise.

27. Pica Syndrome


This syndrome is characterized by the appetite for non-nutritive substances such as paper, clay, paint, metal, chalk, soil, glass and sand. It is usually caused by a lack of minerals in body.

28. Vampire Syndrome

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This syndrome is characterized by the insufficiency of the DNA in repairing the damage caused by ultraviolet beams. If the disease has advanced, the patient cannot be exposed to sunlight anymore. Symptoms include sun burns, excessive number of freckles, skin cancer, bloody eyes, dark colored spots on the skin and skin dryness.

29. Wendigo Psycosis


This disease, which is observed in Algonquian tribes (North America natives), presents itself as a desire to eat human meat when it is still possible to reach other nutrition sources; and the fear of turning into a cannibal.

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