26 Directors Who Married The Leading Actresses From Their Movies!


The relationships that develop on movie sets between actors immediately makes the news. However, the case might not be the same if the relationship is between directors and actresses. Here are 21 directors who dated their coworkers!

1. Luc Besson & Milla Jovovich

You'll remember these two from the 1997 movie The Fifth Element. The couple married right after the movie. When they got married Besson was 38 while Milla was just 22 years old. Unfortunately, they got divorced after 2 years.

2. Paul W.S. Anderson & Milla Jovovich


Another director crush of Milla... Anderson and Jovovich met at the set of Resident Evil in 2002. They got married in 2009 and their relationship is still ongoing. These two manage to balance their work and relationship for years.

3. Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter


The famous couple met when they were shooting Planet of the Apes, 2001. The couple has shot many movies together following this. However, these two, unfortunately, broke up in 2015.

4. Sam Mendes & Kate Winslet


Sam Mendes was the director of the movie Revolutionary Road (2008) in which Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio acted together. Kate and Sam were married for 7 years between 2003 and 2010.

Previous works of Sam Mendes include American Beauty (1999) and Road to Perdition (2002).

5. Joel Coen & Frances McDormand


The first collaboration between Frances and Coen was in Blood Simple (1984). The couple married in 1984. Most people know of their collaboration from Fargo (1996).

6. Woody Allen & Mia Farrow


Allen and Farrow were together between 1980-1992. 

The couple worked together on the following movies: Broadway Danny Rose (1984), The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), and Hannah and Her Sisters (1986).

Mia Farrow became well-known for her role in Rosemary's Baby (1968).

Woody Allen & Diane Keaton


Woody and Diane first met on the set of Play It Again, Sam (1972). The couple collaborated on nearly 10 different movies afterward.

7. Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart


Rupert and Kristen started dating while shooting Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). Kristen had cheated on her current boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with Ruper Sanders. However, this relationship didn't go further than a fling.

8. Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw


Beautiful Kate Capshaw was chosen amongst many others for her role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). Spielberg and Capshaw become close on the set and started dating.

These two have been happily married since 1991. 💍

A photo from the film set the couple met on.


Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford

9. Sam Esmail & Emmy Rossum


Director and producer of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail, and Fiona from Shameless, Emmy Rossum have been dating since 2014. The couple met on the set of Comet, which is directed by Esmail.

10. Taylor Hackford & Helen Mirren


Director of The Devil's Advocate (1997), Taylor Hackford met Helen Mirren on the set. These two married after dating for 12 years and they are still happily together.👏

11. Orson Welles & Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth was married to the legendary director Orson Welles. Hayworth and Welles worked together in The Lady from Shanghai (1947)The couple stayed married for 5 years during 1943-1948.

12. Len Wiseman & Kate Beckinsale


Wiseman and Beckinsale got together in 2003 on the set of the movie Underworld. The couple was married in 2004 and have been together since then.

13. Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson

Actor and director Kenneth Branagh has directed blockbusters such as Thor and Cinderella. Branagh collaborated with his partner Emma Thompson in many movies. The couple was married for 4 years between 1989 and 1995.

14. Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan


Director of Sin City, 2005, Robert Rodriguez started dating Rose McGowan on the set of Planet Terror (2007). The couple broke up in 2009.

15. Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon


Shawshank Redemption's Andy, Tim Robbins, is also known for his directing skills. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins had a chance to work together in Bob Roberts (1992), Dead Man Walking (1995) and Cradle Will Rock (1999).

Their relationship lasted for 21 years between 1988-2009.

16. Martin Scorsese & Isabella Rossellini


Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini were married between 1979-1982. Rossellini is known for her role in Blue Velvet (1986).

17. David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini


We've previously mentioned that Isabella Rossellini is known for her role in Blue Velvet (1986). This movie was directed by David Lynch. The couple ended their relationship in 1990. 

We should note that Rosellini is the daughter of the legendary actress Ingrid Bergman.

18. Darren Aronofsky & Rachel Weisz


Darren Aronofsky is known for directing striking movies such as Requiem for a Dream (2000), The Fountain (2006), and Black Swan (2010). Aronofsky worked with Rachel Weisz in The __Fountain, however, these two had already met before this movie. 

Rachel is currently married to Daniel Craig.

19. Michel Hazanavicius & Bérénice Bejo


This couple is known for the 2011 Oscar winner The Artist. Hazanavicius and Bejo started dating on the set of 2006 dated OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions. The couple is still happily married.

20. Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard


The duo Chaplin and Goddard worked together in Modern Times (1936), The Great Dictator (1940). Their black and white love lasted for 6 years, between 1936 and 1942.

21. Ingmar Bergman & Liv Ullmann


Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann and master Swedish director Ingmar Bergman met in Stockholm in 1964. They shot Persona(1966) together. Their legendary love lasted for 5 years and they had a daughter together. Their friendship and professional relationship lasted until the sudden death of Ingmar Bergman in 2007.


22. James Cameron & Linda Hamilton


Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 actress Linda Hamilton and the director James Cameron's relationship started on the set of this movie. They got married in 1997 but unfortunately divorced after 2 years of marriage.

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