25 Reasons To Stick To A Man With Hooded Eyes


Don’t accept these eyes as just a physical feature that adds an impressive look, charisma, sexuality and many other things to a man. Those hooded eyes have more than that, believe me.

The first example we should give when talking about people with “hooded eyes” is Eva Green.

It’s enough to understand what hooded eyes mean by just looking at Eva Green’s eyes.

Look at Blake Lively’s eyes if you need more examples!

Still? Look at Jennifer Lawrence. Do you understand now?

1. Now, if we understood what hooded eyes are, let’s look at its male versions.

2. They’re the real definitions of the word ‘charismatic.’

3. Ironically, most women can’t discover and get to know these men.

4. You know when sometimes a man looks so attractive but you can’t understand why?

5. Like sometimes, you look and don’t even find him handsome. But…

6. Yes! Those are the ones with hooded eyes, most probably, but you just can't realize it at first sight.

7. Those men need to get what they deserve.

8. It’s not enough to call them just handsome, attractive or charismatic.

9. Because they are also passionate, ambitious and determined.

10. They’re extremely compassionate, understanding and mindful.

11. Don’t let their appearance and reserved looks fool you. These men are very friendly and sincere.

12. Romance, surprises, adventures.. They have them all!

13. They have all the things that a woman could ever ask for.

14. You don’t need to try to change them.

15. Because they’re like devices that update themselves once they understand how the system works.

16. They adjust themselves as they get to know you.

17. Of course, these don’t apply to every single man with hooded eyes.

18. But they do to 90% of them, believe me!

19. Now go look at your man, focus on his eyes.

20. If he has hooded eyes, think of how lucky you are.

21. Don’t forget that he's going to give you much more than you give to him.

22. Because you have a man who is fair, respectful and honest.

23. There are not many of them around.

24. So if you have one in your life, don’t let him go!

25. The man of your life could be behind those hooded eyes…

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