24 Crazy Facts About Quantum Physics That'll Blow You Away

24 Crazy Facts About Quantum Physics That'll Blow You Away

Travis Furman
December 06 2016 - 03:57pm

Do you like surfing deep inside your mind?

How about learning new things and getting lost in the infinite world of knowledge?

We've done our research and found a lot of things about quantum physics and how it can change our world. Read the article and start wondering the possibilities of the future and what it has in store for us!

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1. The result of the experience is this: Let's assume that we have 2 identical marbles, and one of them is in New York and the other is in Washington D.C.

2. When we do something to the marble in Washington D.C, the marble in New York gets effected ''immediately'' and reacts ''immediately'.' Is this possible?

3. How could it be possible? They either have some sort of communication between them or they're still connected, we can say ''entangled'' (Quantum entanglement).

4. Let's lower this down to the electron level. Let's keep one of the same time created electrons on earth and send the other one to the space. They're also entangled.

5. When we do something to one of it, the other will react ''immediately'.' And this happens independently of time and space.

6. Since everything was entangled during the big bang, we can say that everything is still connected to each other (the Butterfly Effect).

7. The things we've mentioned sound out of this world and seem inapplicable, right? Then meet the quantum computers because they work on this principle.

7. The things we've mentioned sound out of this world and seem inapplicable, right? Then meet the quantum computers because they work on this principle.

8. The strange things on the quantum level and the things that were discovered one after another reached its peak with entanglement. Because this also meant ''teleportation'.'

9. We see teleportation in sci-fi movies or in a magician's show, but its history is older than we think.

10. In the bible, it is implied that Philippos, who was a preacher, teleported from Gaza to Ashdod, which is another coastal town. (Acts 8:36-40)
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11. In the Quran, it is told that The Queen of Sheba's throne in Yemen was brought to the prophet Solomon, who was in Jerusalem, in the ''wink'' of an eye. (Neml, 27/38-40)

12. How is this possible? According to science which says matter is made up of small particles, teleportation is impossible.

13. On top of that, matter does not move on its own, cannot disappear all of a sudden and cannot reappear somewhere else. The opposite wasn't possible either.

14. But quantum is a world where things we see as impossible are real and teleportation is one of the realities in this world.

15. The first experiment on this was made in 1993 and quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) could be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another.
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16. This experiment was very important for the human kind because teleportation, which had been a subject that was often discussed, was now proven.

17. When the ideas that prevented further research about teleportation stopped, the experiments continued; they started with particles under the atom then continued with the atom itself.

18. People are trying to teleport DNA molecules and simple viruses. In the near future, this will probably happen.

19. How about people teleporting? There's a lot of time for that. We probably won't be able to see it because the technology we have today isn't enough for that.

20. But we now know that teleportation is not a theory. It is a scientifically proven fact and it's possible in both micro and macro size.
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21. We know that matter is not made up of small marble like particles but are made up of energy waves that are like water waves.

22. Everything we see, including ourselves, is made up of energy waves and they are connected to each other. They're independent of time and space.

23. It might seem a bit strange but everything is inside other things, one thing is inside everything. Nothing is certain but everything is possible.

24. Einstein summarizes this situation by saying: When mathematics is certain, it does not reflect reality, when it reflects reality, it is not certain.