20 Consequences Of Being The Only Man At The Office


Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were to work at an office full of women? You have haven't you? But let me tell you this...It's probably way more different from what you have on your mind. Take a look and find out!

1. The more you spend time with them, the more they'll see you like one of them...

I'm not a girl! :(

2. Cosmetics brochures, flyers.


3. You're forced to deal with their period...

You're surrounded by a world of mood swings!

4. They will organize various sessions and talk about how it'd be if they were a guy.

A man...Wow aren't you lucky? 

Am I, really?

5. Envying is not enough, they'll push you to set them up with the girls you know from the office!

6. You'll improve your fragrance notes skills on women's cologne.

This one opens with a fresh combination of sandalwood and orange blossom, also features vanilla and pomegranate, and finally I can smell ebony and a little bit of mandarin...

7. As the time goes by, you become more and more obsessed about your looks!

8. You'll be the only one to go to when someone has "guy issues".

You might become a shoulder to cry on for all the girls in the office, but at the same time you'll be the one for them to take revenge on for the sake of manhood!

9. You'll get a PhD in women issues.

- Honey, you have a round face, this short haircut is not the best choice for you. And you darling, you should avoid shiny make-up, you must wear pastel tones to sparkle your beauty. Oh, Gosh! Did you lose some weight recently?

10. You feel like you're leading a herd.

Because you are the only man in your group, you may feel like you are the one who needs to make sure all the girls are having fun (!)

11. If you have a gf or wife, get ready to answer at least 52 questions a day!

12. You might experience harassments from your colleagues' partners.

13. Remarkable changes in your diet, an obvious increase in consuming green stuff.

14. The comfort of having the men's room all to yourself.

15. You'll know all the discounts and promotions way before everyone...

16. You'll start checking your horoscope.

Otherwise, how could you know when to change your car?

17. Get ready to have the battle of your life to have some fresh air during summer!

18. You'll become an expert in herbal tea...

You'll easily tell which one is an apple and cinnamon tea, and which one is a grape seed and damson plum tea.

19. Consistent food consuming.

-Have you tried those croissants? -I made these cupcakes!

20. Getting used to working with loud music in the background...

Bonus: It's not all bad. You'll stop swearing soon after...

Bonus 2: You'll watch all the funny baby and kitten videos on YouTube!

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