19 Not So De-Caf Things Coffee Lovers Will Definitely Relate!


You are always seen together, so much that not seeing you two together surprises those around you. Although you may not want to admit it, you and coffee are involved in a very serious relationship.

Don't worry, we all need little something to relax us in the morning, afternoon, evening, etc. These signs that we have compiled from Elite Daily show that your special relaxing element is coffee.

A dude got married to pizza, so why not make your relationship with coffee official? :)

1. Coffee comes before everything else.


Who cares about the things that you have to do or that person blabbering about.... something? The day doesn't start for you before you take that first sip from your coffee.

2. Everybody knows what you will order.


Starbucks personnel are your family and friends.

3. Difficult tasks require caffeine.


Working out, starting a project, hanging out with people you don't like... These are among the activities that you wouldn't be able to survive without coffee.

4. Your friends lure you with coffee.


"Coffee? OK, I am in!"

5. Your friends are truly shocked when they see you drink something else.


"What? You are having tea? The world must be coming to an end!" 😱

6. People think you are an energetic person.


Which actually has nothing to do with coffee.

7. Caffeine never gives you the jitters.


Some go all shaky if they drink a lot of coffee, while it is almost a day at a spa for you.

8. You already love the people who invite you for a coffee date.


"We are gonna have coffee on our first date? I will marry you!"

9. People think you have a 'coffee problem'. 😒😒


"The real problem is that you guys are able to live without coffee."

10. It drives you crazy when they misspell your name in Starbucks.


You have invested almost as much as the owner in that place. How have they STILL not learned your name? You should probably sue.

11. Every cup you have raises your mood from 2 to 10.


12. Actually, now that we are talking about it, a cup of coffee does sound great.


Go get your coffee, this post will be waiting for you. ☺

13. Kidding! You already have a cup in your hand, don't you. ^^


It's OK. Nobody is judging you.

14. You might have heard about Barisieur.


You know, the alarm that wakes you with coffee... You haven't heard? I think you have already ordered one.

15. You’ve made that joke about needing an IV of caffeine.


Yeah, right, 'joke'...😏

16. It feels like those who don't like coffee come from another planet.


Clueless amateurs...

17. Coffee is a 'seasonal' need for you.

Coffee is a 'seasonal' need for you.
Coffee is a 'seasonal' need for you.

While all you can think about to warm yourself up is coffee in the winter, that iced coffee is the most refreshing thing in summer.

18. You have already accepted you won't like anybody half as much as you like coffee.


If you are to have a relationship with a person, that person has to accept, understand and appreciate the love you have for coffee.

19. You can't get anything done as long as that cup full of coffee isn't standing right in front of you.


Yes, you have a steamy relationship with coffee.



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