19 Hotel "Perks" That Are So Good You'll Never Go Back Home!

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It's always funny to stay at a hotel room but with these hotel services, you'll never wanna leave. Here are 19 very successful hotel services...

1. This shower has its own thermometer.

2. And when you leave the bathroom, here is your beer cabinet.

3. Delight yourself with some good music.

4. A giant slide? Count me in.

5. Rest in these gorgeous hammocks.

6. You can borrow a plant if your a lone guest or...

7. ...a dog to keep you company.

8. Pizza button for pizza lovers a.k.a everyone.

9. No need to pack a rubber ducky from home.

10. This bathroom mirror is anti-fogging.

11. “You can take this phone out with you. It has unlimited mobile data and free calls.”

12. And this one has a TV.

13. Water-delivery robot.

14. Champagnes for all occasions at the lobby.

15. You can charge your electronics while their secured in the safe.

16. “My hotel in Tokyo left a little note beside my bed with tomorrow’s forecast details.”

17. Pancake printer for every each room.

18. Relax yourself while watching the view.

19. You can't sleep? Dial for a bedtime story.

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