19 Depressing Problems We All Face In This Modern Age!

19 Depressing Problems We All Face In This Modern Age!

Ken Adams
June 08 2016 - 11:42am

We know some things are messed up about this world, but we just can't figure out what they exactly are. Either we are easily offended by EVERYTHING, or we're actually becoming aware of certain things. Our lives are torn between trying to figure out the relationship between these two. 

So now, we give you 19 problems about the modern age that eat us alive slowly...

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1. The constant feeling of lacking... not being able to enjoy anything fully!

When you finally get that thing you wanted for so long, you're over it like 10 seconds later...

2. Failing to avoid loneliness in cities with millions of peoples in 'em...

So many people are still alone, even though there are so many other people alone...

3. Time flies and you lose your understanding of it...

Tomorrow was supposed to be different, yet it's still the same!

4. A huge majority can't or don't want to fall in love. Even if they do, it's consumed within weeks!

Ours is a consumer society, both about material and immaterial things.

5. You never understand how much those little moments of happiness mean!

You always want more and never have enough!

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6. Even though the overall life quality rises, depression rate rises with it.

Even suicide. People keep thinking they have nothing!

7. Addiction to technology.

First thing we all do in the morning is to check our notifications and messages.

8. Even though we live in the age of possibilities, the hunger and drought rates are at their peak!

People spend much more time and effort on enhancing smart phone batteries than solving global threats.

9. The anxiety coming from checking all the "X things you must do/read/watch before you die!" lists.

Read, watch and do a lot. But do not put pressure on yourself over them.

10. The urge to abandon your country and family after getting bad news.

Knowing you can't do a thing about it hurts even more.

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11. People keep judging the books by their covers.

And once something becomes popular, it gets all around and everybody looks the same.

12. Just because the pay is better, you keep making bad choices and end up in jobs you never felt comfortable with.

All the urban legends, all the lies...

13. Everything and everyone becomes artificial...

You don't even say hello to people you are 'friends' on Facebook with!

14. Buying things you don't really need in the name of looking "acceptable"...

Oh, how you feel surrounded by fashion 'rules!'

15. Postponing...

This is a vicious cycle!

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16. Even though you have a long life ahead, you keep looking up to others, wanting to be like them.

No such thing as living up to your dreams.

17. That outsider feeling...

You often feel alienated from society.

18. Your memory is weakened day by day, just like your ability to react.

You never oppose, you always accept the rules.

19. Lastly, not knowing what you really want, where you really want to be...

Ah all the feels...

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