19 Alternative Superpowers You Wish You Had!

19 Alternative Superpowers You Wish You Had!

Elsa Quartet
October 26 2016 - 05:18pm

Invisibility, flying, reading minds, turning inanimate objects into gold; these superpowers would be great, but they get a bit boring and old-fashioned as we are constantly bombarded with the same old stories. It’s time to get a little more imaginative, don’t you think?  Here are 19 alternative superpowers you would be very, very glad to have.

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1. Going back to relive certain moments!

The happiest moments from your childhood, your first love in high school, or the moment when you first saw your daughter/son/sister/brother... Wouldn’t it be just amazing!

2. Blocking people in real life!

Like on Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp, we should be able to block people we don’t want to have around!

3. Erasing certain memories

It would be great to have the “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” touch on your brain from time to time, especially after soul-shattering breakups. Or we could completely forget what our favourite TV series, book, or movie was all about and enjoy them like we did on the first time!

4. Controlling someone's dreams, as well as our own

So you can live your “dream” life whenever you want, at least when you’re asleep...

5. A snooze button that doesn't just postpone your alarm, but postpones time itself!

You’ll have all the “5 more minutes” in the world.

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6. Getting up early, well rested and happy.

Modern people don't really understand what it’s like to not hate your life in the mornings.

7. Copying other people’s skills

One’s talent in literature, the other’s in music; the list goes on...

8. Eating whatever you want and not gaining any weight.

There’d be no reason to worry about obesity or high cholesterol.

9. Getting ready for work/school in a second. Literally.

There would be no bad hair days...

10. To not procrastinate

I know a lot of people who could bring peace to the world if they could just stop procrastinating.

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11. Reaching orgasm and staying there for as long as you want

Who would say “no, thank you” to this???

12. Speaking all the languages in the world

Nothing gets lost in translation.

13. Not getting older

Aging is a nightmare for most of us! Even if we aren't immortal, we could be just as good-looking as we were in our 20s.

14. Talking to animals

You have whined all of your life about how you were never a people person. Here you go, become a horse person. Or bird. You name it.

15. Being able to choose the person we fall in love with

Face it, following your heart doesn’t always work out for the best. Now it’s time to give that very nice person you friend-zoned a chance.

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16. Being in two places at the same time

So you can kick ass as a hard-working, successful, brilliant employee/student while on holiday in Bahamas.

17. Communicating with aliens, once you find out they exist

There must be a lot to learn from those guys.

18. Being able to tell if it’s the truth when someone says “I love you”

We could eliminate a sh*t load of drama!

19. To stop time whenever you want

Use it wisely. You don’t want to screw everything up.

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