18 Things That Perfectly Explain "Bromance!"

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We call the love of two or more guy friends a “bromance.” It’s the combination of the words brother and romance and it’s often seen in a close friend group of guys. The time they spend with each other can’t even compare to the time they spend with their family and girlfriend. They even hang out with each other when they have time off from work.

1. There’s no better friend than a man; girls are boring.

2. They love each other to death.

3. There’s no shame when they're together.

4. They look after each other.

5. They literally ‘Laugh their f*cking *sses off’

6. They adore each other. Literally. They love each other as much as their kids.

7. They never hesitate to play practical jokes and jump on each other’s back.

8. They fight together. That’s what bromances are for.

9. They never let each other down. They don’t compete, they always support.

10. Bromance doesn’t have limits like age or class. You can see them anywhere.

11. They listen to each other talk about girls.

12. Even their clothes are the same. If you look carefully, you’ll see they look like siblings.

13. They don’t make big deals out of small mistakes. They always forgive each other.

14. They run to each other when they have love pains.

15. They coddle each other. They show their love.

16. They support each other in everything and give each other compliments.

17. They never hide anything from each other. They always share.

18. It’s a friendship for life.

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