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18 Tempting Reasons To Bring Your Attention To Guys' Hands!


You think it’s just a very common statement? Don’t think so at all! A proper hand care is something ignored by so many guys out there. If a guy takes care of his hands, he probably takes care of his whole body very carefully. Help yourself out to find out!


1. When girls check out guys, hands always come alongside teeth.

2. Care, effort and grooming is more important than how his hands look naturally.

3. His hands have to be soft, clean and smelling nicely.

4. Nails should be properly cut, deeply moisturized and cleaned.

5. Bit nails and devil nails, all other small details are just negative points piling up.

6. Especially sitting to the table with black, dirty nails and asking what’s wrong should actually annoy everyone, not just women.

7. Unless you are auditioning for a part or playing a specific instrument, avoid longer nails!

8. But but, guitar? Yeah you can still take care of your hands can’t you?

9. Yellow marks on fingers from smoking looks just as bad on everyone. Rub them off with something before you are going out in public.

10. If a guy says he does all these and his hands are beautiful, he is just as clean and well groomed overall.

11. These guys show as much care to their partners, they tend to be loving, understanding.

12. They can express their feelings in a civilized manner and they can keep calm during times of mini crisis.

13. They don’t have sharp edges, they tend to adjust themselves to everyone, everything.

14. They are much more well equipped, they know how to impress you and they are trying hard to do so.

15. They don’t have confidence issues. They don’t care what others might say if they used a moisturizer on the bus.

16. They know their stuff behind closed doors, too…

17. Besides, you’ll probably want to spend some time with those hands first.

18. But as always, there are certain exceptions. Just because a guy has beautiful hands, you don’t have to feel forced to it.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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