18 Of The Most Outrageously Expensive Menu Items You Can Actually Order


Considering the fact that many of us feel guilty about spending a few bucks too many on a meal on a Saturday night, these ridiculously expensive menu items would probably send our guilt into overdrive. But of course, if we ever have that kind of money to spend on GOLDEN donuts. Yes, golden.

1. Golden Opulence Sundae at Serendipity 3, New York — $1,000

2. The Gold Donut at Manila Social Club, Miami Beach — $1,200/dozen

3. Prime Cheesesteak at Barclay Prime, Philadelphia — $120

This cheesesteak is made with wagyu rib eye, foie gras, and truffled cheese whiz. That's right, people: TRUFFLED. CHEESE. WHIZ.

4. 777 Burger at Burger Brasserie, Las Vegas — $777

5. Billion Dollar Popcorn at Berco's, Chicago — $5 a kernel/$250 a tin

That's right people, one single kernel of this gilded popcorn will cost you $5. FIVE. FUCKING. DOLLARS.

6. Juuni Ban at Tokyo Dog, Seattle — $169

This foie gras–topped hot dog comes in at a steep $169 and must be ordered two weeks in advance.

7. Supersized Zillion-Dollar Lobster Frittata at Norma's, New York — $2,000

8. Masa Toro With Caviar at Bar Masa, New York — $288

Eight pieces of this caviar-topped sushi will set you back almost $300 at this "casual" NYC sushi spot. That's $37.50 a PIECE.

9. Fleur Burger 5000 at Fleur, Las Vegas — $5,000

This decadent burger comes with an entire bottle of wine to help you cope with your costly decision.

10. Japanese Wagyu “A5+” Steak at The Old Homestead Steakhouse, New York — $350

11. 24K Pizza at Industry Kitchen, New York — $2,000

This golden pizza comes in at $250 a SLICE and is topped with caviar and foie gras.

If you ordered one of each item on this list it would set you back a hefty $11,809.

Enjoy your meal. 

Source: BuzzFeed

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