18 Confusing Shower Thoughts That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind!


Ready to surprised for days? Here are the best mind blowing shower thoughts that will leave you confused for day!


18. Quitting smoking is like planting a tree, best time to do so was 20 years ago, second best time is today.

17. Asking someone why they don't talk more is socially acceptable, but asking someone why they don't talk less is not.

16. Horses must be pissed off that dogs are man's best friend seeing as how they literally carried our team for thousand years.

15. As a whole, our generation has laughed while pooping more than our ancestors ever have.

14. Condoms are made by automated assembly lines, meaning robots are literally helping to prevent human reproduction.

13. Axes are tree cyborgs created by humans to destroy trees.

12. Cheating in exams is just studying at the wrong time.

11. Growing a really nice beard is like getting really muscular. You do it to pick up girls, but 90% of the attention you get will be from other men.

10. Due to it almost only being populated by researchers, Antarctica is technically the continent with the highest average IQ and education.

9. Dying of old age is like dying of not dying.

8. If you are naked in public, it's better to cover your face than your genitals.

7. Gunpowder is just angry sand.

6. Somewhere someone is walking around with the world's longest pubic hair.

5. Maybe aging is a disease and Earth is quarantined, maybe that's the reason aliens don't visit us.

4. Parents are the opposite of fake friends. They have your back when you aren't there and talk shit about you to your face.

3. We all joked that Hollywood wasn't giving Leonardo Di Caprio an Oscar so he would keep making great movies, and he hasn't been in one since he won his Oscar.

2. Thor: Ragnarok is really about how nothing brings together two siblings like ganging up on the third one.

1. Technically, the biggest difference between surfing and snowboarding is just the temperature of the water.

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