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17 Things To Note About “Curvy” Women


For some, it is the ideal, but for some others, it is the “decent” way to avoid being called overweight, or god forbid, fat! The truth is that humanity has adored curvy, plump women ever since the very beginning. Some said curves should fill your hand and others said you shouldn’t feel the bones, but humanity always made sure to show enthusiasm about them. Here are 18 important things you should know about these special women.

1. They are quite annoyed when they have to explain what “plump” or “curvy” means every single time!

2. The sarcastic “Oh yeah, right” answer they get when they say "I am not overweight, I am curvy."

3. The misconception of "curvy" or "plump" meaning "fat" is totally demoralizing.

4. They always feel betwixt because society still can’t decide how they perceive them.

Should they lose weight or should they stay like this? Please decide once and for all! The constantly changing understanding of “beauty” upsets them and then they tend to go on diets quite often.

5. They don’t like it when people use it without any boundaries or knowing the real meaning.

Even though there are no exact standards to the term. People tend to use it the way they like, which is obviously annoying.

6. The standards of being curvy or plump are too vague.

People think there are no standards to this, as there are no predetermined sizes. However, there ARE certain standards.

7. They are exhausted from hearing the “You know what, if you were to lose a bit of weight…” phrase.

The idea of everyone thinking they are overweight and they don’t look as good is tiresome for them.

8. They tend to viciously attack when a smart ass makes a joke like “There is plump and you know, there is PLUMP.”

It’s boring. People can’t come up with creative jokes.

9. They certainly have inspired some great artists and painters.

The concept of esthetics in women tends to change, even reaching size 0 at times, but they know they had their golden age in history already.

10. The Renaissance is full of them.

11. They even have societies to ensure their existence!

12. From the first centuries, this is the image of “woman” inscribed on our understanding.

Attributes like fertility, strength, stamina, etc. helped develop this imagery all across history.

13. Curvy women make the dance floor come alive during ceremonies and weddings. They are always on the spot, too.

14. They are at peace with their looks

Even though society sees this as a defense mechanism to avoid accepting their weight, they actually tend to enjoy life more than others. What upsets them the most is the constant “standards” set upon them by society.

15. They define what “attractive” really is…

They don’t bother with hot, sexy, bitchin’ compliments. They just purely represent attractiveness.

16. They are also a step ahead in facial beauty.

We don't have solid proof, of course, but you know, generally...

17. There is a common misunderstanding that they will gain weight after giving birth.

This is a total misunderstanding and there are hundreds of lovely ladies out there to prove you wrong!

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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