17 Things Only Unromantic People Could Relate!


Well, obviously not everybody has to be romantic!

1. You hate being given flowers. You can't eat it, you can't wear it, it will die in a couple of days. It isn't necessary at all, is it?

2. You hate group dinners and lunches because you can't eat how you want to, due to all the empty and stupid conversations.

3. If somebody writes you a poem, you laugh your ass off, because it just looks fake to you.

4. People holding hands also look fake; you think they do it only to get some attention.

5. When your significant other looks into your eyes suggestively, you don't know what to do, so you just say something stupid.

6. You never want to share your food.

7. You are pretty bad at posing for "cute" photos; you usually look weird in photos.

8. You hate it when somebody wants you to talk about your emotions.

9. You hate being given nicknames.

10. Because you love your significant other a lot, you try to be as romantic as possible, but you really don't feel like it.

11. When you receive a romantic text, you don't know how to reply and eventually just send something like "OK" or "Hmm."

12. You hate public displays of affection.

13. Being serenaded makes you feel more ashamed than emotional.

14. You fantasize more about the honeymoon than the wedding, because travelling is more fun than the over-priced wedding you will have.

15. In the early stages of dating, you can't talk about your feelings, because you think opening up to someone that you barely know is just stupid.

16. You have lots of unanswered questions about relationships.

17. And no matter what, they only thing you find romantic is chocolate.

No matter how cold-hearted you are, chocolate is always romantic. :))

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