17 Struggles Of People Who Don't Share Their Problems!


Our friends and families are always there for us, but relying on others isn't always the way to go, at least for some of us!

1. Because after some time, they have learned that nobody else cares about their problems. That's why instead of expressing their emotions, they deal with those by themselves.

2. That's actually the best way to go. They know that opening up will leave them more vulnerable to getting hit again.

3. Because they don't need or tolerate fake solace or people.


4. Because these people are strong. They know very well that they are the only ones who can solve their problems, not anybody else.


5. Because they are scared that they won't be sympathized with and predict that others will just go "The hell, with it! Just stop caring!"


6. Because they have experienced that their loved ones will leave them once they open up about their problems. Who wants to be with a troubled person, right?

7. "Who knows, maybe you have tried to open up to people. Who knows, maybe you failed to, and maybe you have seen that opening up is useless once you looked at someone's face."


8. Because they think that talking to themselves is better than talking to somebody else. They are better listeners than tellers.


9. Because they want to open up to someone who is smarter than them. They want that person to be their hero once the conversation ends.

10. Because they have heard the following: "Ah, the same happened to me/a friend of mine before." "It isn't worth getting upset over."


11. Because they don't trust anybody anymore, they know that there are people who would be happy that they are having troubles.


12. Because they are rational people, they don't believe in such bullsh*t as sharing their problems to make them feel smaller.


13. Because they don't want to lose their freedom. Because they think they can't be free if they share their secrets.

14. Because they are different than the cry babies and attention seekers. After some time, people accept and love them as they are because they are indeed special.

15. Because people around them never REALLY ask them how they are.


16. Because they know that the more they talk about their problems, the weaker they will get. They are always strong.

17. Because others always wonder how they can stay sane and how they figure their sh*t out.

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