17 Steps Showing The Pain Of Moving Out Of Your Favorite City!

> 17 Steps Showing The Pain Of Moving Out Of Your Favorite City!

Lots of people have to leave their hometowns, either to study or to work. Leaving your hometown is also leaving the place where you spent your childhood, and have collected many memories. 

Only those people know what it is like to leave a city that they have spent years in.

1. You feel scared... Because it can be terrifying to say goodbye to the place you grew up; the streets and people that you know.

2. You start worrying... "Will I be able to make it? Will I get used to the new place? Will I be able to get settled and organized?"

3. And you try to pacify yourself by thinking "I can always go back if I can't make it."

4. You convince yourself that you have an obligation to become mature and find your own path.

5. For a long time, you can't stop thinking about the streets, blocks, and nights in your city.

6. It takes some time to snap out of your old habits. You try to make friends with the grocery man, look for people to go on a walk with in the evenings, or discover a new café on a nice street...

7. If you come from a coastal city and move to an inland city, or vica versa; you feel kinda strange, and as if a part of you is missing.

8. It feels like ending a romantic relationship. You feel an emptiness deep inside of you.

9. And on top of it, if you are leaving behind people that you love deeply. You feel like you are the only person left on the face of the earth.

10. The first couple of weeks, or even months, you miss your friends, family and other loved ones. You always want to hear about them and your city.

11. The view from the window of your old room is imprinted in your mind, and its image won't leave you for a long time.

12. You realize how difficult it is to form new habits and make new friends.

13. It takes a harder toll on kids; new school, new house, new roads and new faces are all big challenges.

14. It also makes you sad when you get used to the new city and start thinking about the former less and less.

15. After some time, going back to your city feels like a festival.

16. But then you realize that you get bored pretty quickly there, your ties to your old city have decreased, and that others also have started to forget about you.

Bonus - You've even memorized your new address and can recite it fluently.