17 Reasons Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

etiket 17 Reasons Why Mysterious People Are More Attractive

Yvette Darlene
July 19 2016 - 11:04pm

We all fall in love with people who we hope or think will complete us and make us happy. Then we start dating and see that it isn't the case, so we go on searching for a new person. However, sometimes there are those people that we can never get to know completely, and therefore we can't move on to the next person that easily because the state of being in love also doesn't end that easily. Who are those people? 'The mysterious type!'

Here are the 17 traits of the people that make us stick around.

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1. They don't talk much about their day, what they have done, etc. and this makes you want to get to know them even more.

2. Also, reading their minds is impossible and that uncertainty sucks you in.

3. They build close relationships with only a very few people, which makes you want to be one of them.

4. You somehow sense that they are emotional people deep down and you want them to open up to you.

5. The fact that they are able to build a wall between themselves and the world means that they are self-sufficient, which again makes them more attractive.
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6. They live in their own world without caring about what's going on outside.

7. If you are very good-looking or social, they won't be interested in you. This annoys you and causes you to obsess over them.

8. Sometimes you want to hold them by the arms, shake them and shout "Notice me already!", but they will stay indifferent, even if you do.

9. They like spending time alone, questioning and observing. They are mostly intellectual.

10. They don't care about what others do or say, therefore, they also don't gossip.
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11. They are usually calm. They make decisions without getting into a flap and they give solid advice.

12. They are good observers. They easily understand what you mean with which action you choose to do or the words that you choose to say.

13. Even if you are together with such a person, you will never be the center of their lives. Their hobbies that they are passionate about are always more important.

14. They don't get angry easily. They know themselves and they don't have complexes.

15. Their ideas and opinions aren't ordinary. They help you see different points of view.
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16. They are charismatic and cool, but they don't do anything specific to impress anybody.

17. And, because you will never be able to figure them out fully, your love will never come to an end and you will never get bored.
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