17 Facts About Sperm That'll Shock The Semen Out Of You!

etiket 17 Facts About Sperm That'll Shock The Semen Out Of You!

Travis Furman
May 16 2017 - 01:45pm

After some age, every man masturbates. This may not be scientific fact but it's a fact. Some do it more, some do it less, some stop after a certain age, and some continue even after having a sex life. And at the end of every masturbation process, a whitish substance comes out of the man's body and it's called 'semen.' The funny thing is we were all inside semen once. But do we know everything about this thing? Well, today we're going to learn many things about it. It's education time!

1. First of all, let's not confuse semen with sperm. The semen is the liquid that comes out when a man discharges. It contains sperm; But this is between 5-10%.

The rest is many nutritive substances such as protein, sugar, and vitamin C.

2. It takes about 65-75 days for a sperm to reach its maturity in the male body.

And 300 million are produced a day.

3. A man ejaculates about an average of one teaspoon of semen.

4. Most sperm have difficulties swimming to the egg after ejaculation and prefer to turn around themselves in semen.

You can imagine what happens when they know how to go straight!

5. Some women are allergic to semen.

It's called Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity. Allergic reactions may begin to occur within five to thirty minutes after intercourse and could include genital itching, burning, and swelling.


6. According to the acidity of the vagina, sperm can live up to 5 days in the female body.

Normally sperm can live in the female body for an average of 24-48 hours. However, if the acidic balance of the vagina is appropriate, the sperm life may be as long as 5 days.

7. Sperm cannot live much at body temperature. For this reason, the testicles, where sperm production happens, are placed outside the body.

In fact, some male infants are born with testicles in their body. In this case, the testicles are brought out of the body through an operation. The baby can be sterile if it is not moved. Another example is that the reason they keep the testicles of a male infant who has fever disease cold is to prevent the sperm from dying.

8. It is beneficial to wear comfortable clothes for sperm quality to not fall; Testicles in tight clothes can not adjust the temperature.

Keep your testicles cold!

9. Nearly 90% of sperm are deformed.

By deformed we mean with two heads, big heads, small heads, or two tails... The list goes on and on. Those sperm can not fertilize the egg.

10. A tablespoon of sperm is about 20 calories.

11. The sperm that are not ejaculated out of the body are absorbed back into the body.

If a man doesn't have a sex life or doesn't even masturbate, his sperm can't be removed from the body this shortens their lifespan and makes them lose their qualities. For this reason, the body absorbs them and opens up new space for new sperm.

12. One of the most confusing myths about the subject is a lie: Excess masturbation and sex don't affect the number of sperm.

If the individual has a normal amount of sperm, the number of sperm doesn't reach a low rate. Only the ejaculation volume may decrease.

13. What you eat effects the taste of your semen.

While foods such as onions, garlic, red meat make the taste of semen worse; Foods such as grapefruit, orange, parsley, and celery improve the taste of it.

14. As people age, the efficiency of sperm decreases.

This begins to happen especially after 40 years of age.

15. Consuming semen may help you cope with depression.

16. Doing exercise increases the number of sperm in your body.

17. Obesity affects the number and quality of sperm.

If you have a diet based on high-fat foods, you will have lower sperm number and fertility.

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